The Morning

It’s never crying that I hear. It’s always kicking baby feet mixed with baby coos and the sucking sound that tells me he’s eating his hands. Again. So I roll over and I see this.


How can I resist that? And yes, he is still sleeping sidecar in his bouncy and now that he is rolling over both ways at 3 months old, he will continue to sleep by me.

So after loving on Gavin I roll over to relax for a few minutes and find this on the other side of me.


This usually wakes up asking for breakfast pronto! I like to say to him,”Luke, have I ever once not given you breakfast in the last three years of your life?”

Then he gets all precious.


And then we start our day.

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  1. Such two wonderful little blessings. 🙂 Hope you guys have a wonderful day! No better way to start the day…. unless hubby was piled up with you three. That’s my most favorite mornings…. when we all 4 wake up to start the day together.

  2. Oh my gosh. SO PRECIOUS.


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