There is a flower bed in our backyard where our AC unit lives that is completely overgrown with weeds. I was ignoring it because it’s also where approximately 9,000 toads hangout and I have no interest in that.

But then the 8 day forecast in this area is showing the lowest temp as 90 degrees. I also have no interest in that. My fear of toads slash just being plain lazy overrides my fear of the AC unit breaking because of all overgrown weeds. So I balled up and cleaned it out.

Hmm. The picture didn’t save. Darn it.

I do have a picture of this precious girl I watched today for my neighbor while she dropped her oldest son off at camp.


She quickly reminded me how 15 months old babies are, but she is so stinking content and easy, I also reminded myself there is no chance in hell that my baby will be that way since he’s already trying to crawl.

Luke did play awesome with her though, they worked on projects in the workshop.


And that was today.

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