A Day in my Life

Here I am. Just shy of the four month mark of being the mother of two. Yes, it’s different. It’s changed a lot. I am still the wife of one. THAT is still a lot of work.

I’m not sure if I could pin point one thing that has changed the most. Definitely less time for me. And I would say even less time for Rob and I as a couple. Probably because when we do have some free time, like when hell freezes over for 3 seconds and both children are asleep at the same time, we like to both do what we like to do individually. We do make a point though to stop and say hey, let’s sit down and chat together. That actually does happen even if Gavin is just sleeping and Luke is playing by himself. But it’s not long until he pops up next to us, pulls up his chair and says, “I want to talk too.” By the way, cutest thing ever. He usually says, “Hey what’s going on Mommy and Daddy?” We tell him, not too much and then we ask him how his day is going and he tells us a long story.

I pray that he’ll do that when he’s 16.

Anyway, here’s how the day goes starting at midnight.

Both kids are sleeping, usually I am too. Silence is golden.

It’s either between 2am and 3am OR 5am and 6am that Gavin gets up for a feeding. If it’s after 5am sometimes Rob will do this feeding because he has to get up for work around then anyway, so that is considerate! But if it’s before 5am, I get up to feed Gavin. SOMETIMES though, he’s up midnight, and two, and then sometimes 4 or 5.


This is usually around the time Rob leaves for work and I hear the putter patter of little feet come into my room and Luke climbs into bed with me. Sometimes.


I hear Gavin stirring and come down to make him a bottle. He is all smiles and wants to play. He never seems really interested in eating which surprises me since he’s only had one bottle all night. I hold him, we sing, we chat, and then he gets fussy so I know he’s ready to eat. I make his bottle and he drinks it while watching the Today Show.

I make coffee and contemplate how tired I am. I think about what I need to do that day and dream about a vacation. I’m about to take a delicious sip from my tropical drink served with an umbrella by a very cute pool boy (not as cute as my husband who is right beside me at the pool) when I’m brought back to reality by a small boy sliding down the stairs on his belly yelling for breakfast like he hasn’t eaten in a week. I yawn.

Stop! Sliding down the stairs on his belly means he’s in a good mood. On the off-chance that he is NOT IN A GOOD MOOD, he will sit at the stop of the stairs and WHINE for me to come get him. I tell him to be a big boy and come down on his own, sometimes that works but usually not and I go get him. That is always fun because YIPPEE!

I serve His Majesty breakfast at this time which involves him helping me so it takes 5 hours longer than it should. I yawn again.

9 am

Gavin is still sleeping sometimes and Luke is quiet while stuffing his face so I check email, twitter, FB…you know the drill. Guilt sets in soon enough though and I clean up the kitchen, pick up toys and gather up laundry. I’m still yawning. I am not dressed yet nor have I eaten. If I’m starving, I grab a banana on the go from room to room.


I get Luke changed and dressed. He gags at the smell of his diaper (YES HE DOES) and we have the daily discussion of potty training. I offer him anything thing he wants as a reward, nothing works. There is no bribing this child. I decide then that I just need to whip out the underoo’s and give him no choice but realize how much work this will be for me and I make an executive decision to think about it later.


Luke is done eating and begging to go play with Brian OR Brian has already knocked on the door to play so I send them both outside. They play at our house the first half of the day and for the next 4 hours of my life I am playing referee to these two wild children while I try to clean, do laundry, play with Gavin, feed Gavin, change Gavin, fold laundry, make bottles, get Gavin to take a nap, sweep up pounds of dog hair off the floor, and this is all a real party. I fill the pool with air that deflates every night but first I have to empty the muddy water that the boys make muddy every single day and the boys are soaking wet but they seem happy so I keep going. I play referee 75 more times while I make them lunch and during lunch because Luke wants the blue cup…NO WAIT, Brian wants the blue cup and OHEMGEE work it out boys! This goes on and on. Sometimes if Gavin is sleeping like a champ, and the house/laundry isn’t in too bad of shape, Brian’s mom comes over and we sit outside chatting about our future with lots of money and maids while we break up fights and encourage sharing watch the boys play.

On days that Brian isn’t home or it’s not too hot or rainy, I pack up the boys in the stroller and we go to the water park to get some exercise. The boys both love the stroller and my ears get a break. We did that almost everyday in May/June.


Luke takes a break. I give him a bath and then he relaxes while watching his shows. Brian goes home and bugs his mom for the next 2 hours until Luke can come out again. She communicates this to me through text. Brian’s dad works third shift as a police officer so by this time he is awake and she tells me to send Luke over when I am ready. I decide quiet time can be over early and I send him over. Sometimes Gavin is sleeping again so I read blogs or catch up on a show on the DVR while folding laundry, this is also when I realize I haven’t eaten anything but a banana so I eat lunch. AT TWO. I might be lazy and play Angry Birds. If dinner can be prepared ahead of time, I will do that during this time. Friday I spent this time cleaning the entire play room, washing walls, vacuuming the stair case, and just enjoying every minute I get to clean. Ahem.


I realize Rob will be home soon and try to straighten up all the toys AGAIN. This is pretty much the story of my life. Because toys are insane and out to kill me. Especially the teeny tiny match box cars. Which are everywhere including my makeup bag. True story.


Rob gets home and we all go outside. Brian and Luke come back over. Brian’s older brother comes over, even the parents come over and we all hang out and talk. We break for dinner around 5:30 or 6, or sometimes, like last week, we all eat together. That is definitely my favorite part of summer so far this year. If it’s not one of those days, then when Rob gets home, I go out to run errands….grocery store, Target, Library….where ever the heck I can go without kids. But Luke begs to go with me so I take him because I secretly know someday he won’t want to go with me. He begs to climb in and out of the car by hisself and this takes about 12 hours longer than it should. I try to be a patient mom. Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not.


Sometimes all the kids are playing again after dinner, sometimes not. Trying to wrangle them inside for bed and relaxation time is super fun. If they are not all outside, we might play a game or I give both boys a bath. I might fold more laundry, I might go to bed early if Rob can tell I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, but this isn’t that often.


Luke is settled in and watching a show. I sit with him on the couch. Gavin is either in my arms or riding side car in his bouncy. I play on my phone or read. I tell him after this show it’s bed time but then I get distracted reading blogs and the next show has started. Oops.


Luke and I head upstairs to do his bed time. He won’t let Rob do it. We say prayers and read one book. Maybe two books. I ask him the favorite part of his day and he tells me something different every time. I ask him if there’s anyone he forgot to pray/be thankful for and it’s always fun to see who it is. Sometimes it’s one person, sometimes it’s everyone in the family. I always let him name the people without encouragement because I like to see how his mind works. I also like to see who he remembers. Last week the first person he prayed for was Hannah. And a week before that he was sure that he didn’t forget “Brian’s Mom”. After this I tell him it’s time for me to go back downstairs to put Baby G to bed and then he asks for daddy to read a book. Normally, we might be a little strict about that’s it’s time to go to sleep but Rob goes up anyway because Luke rarely let’s Rob do that.


I come down and put Gavin to bed, he’s usually ready but sometimes I hold him for a bit. I let his eyelids get just heavy enough and then I lay him down. He goes right to sleep.


This is when I decide to go right to bed or stay up and watch some T.V. I might read a book. You might have noticed I haven’t showered so sometimes I do that. Pretty soon, I will spend this time doing homework when classes start in a few weeks. I might hang out with Rob and we will chat and have a beer.




Silence is golden.

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  1. A mommy’s job never ends huh? I was tired just reading this, yikes!

  2. itsybitsymama

     /  August 9, 2011

    OK–I feel you on all of this, but you sound like you do waaay more housework than I do. Oops! I guess I should get off my butt and work a little harder!!

  3. His Majesty. hahahaha!

    One of my younger cousins would gag at the smell of his diaper and we still tease him about it to this day. So, don’t tell his cousins that little tidbit if you don’t want them bringing it up when he’s 24. 😉


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