The Week is Almost Over

*Side note:  I just typed the title to this post and as I’m about to hit publish, I realize I was missing the K in week, so it was titled The Wee is Almost Over.  I almost like that better.

On Sunday I was not looking forward to this week.  As stated in my earlier post, you can figure out why.

I rocked the doctor appointment on Tuesday with both boys.  They are both doing well and growing right along as they should be.

My MIL’s surgery went well and she’s getting out of the hospital any minute.  I still worry about her and I hope she is honest with us about her recovery period.  I just worry that she is not honest about what she can handle since she relies solely on her babysitting money but I want her to take care of herself.

Yesterday with the four little one’s 3 and under wasn’t at all as bad as I thought it might be.  Jack took a 3 hour nap, Gavin napped for about an hour of that time, and Luke and Audrey played wonderfully together.  They all got changed, fed, and loved on equally.  I was able to eat some lunch in between while also preparing Rob’s lunch before he headed out for another 12 hour shift.  It was a bonus that my SIL brought us dinner from her restaurant they own so I didn’t have to even think about dinner.  Seriously, I LOVE to cook but some days, especially this summer, I am not in the mood.

Both last night and the previous night my boys were asleep before 9:00 pm.  I felt like, whoa FREE TIME.  A month ago I could guarantee Gavin to be asleep for the night by 10:15, recently that’s changed to 9:30 and now it’s before 9:00 so I think he’s changing his sleep around and that is fine with me!

It’s starting to feel like more of a routine and I’m getting my “life” back a little since he was born.

Tomorrow is Star’s appointment at the vet and I’m hoping for some moderately good news.  I say moderately because it’s pretty inevitable that she’s just old so we are looking to keep her as comfortable as we can at a low cost.  We just don’t have a lot of money to do anything major if she needs it and if it only might give us another year with her.  I realize that sounds really shitty but it’s the truth.

The other next big thing is the wedding on Saturday where I get to help the photographer.  I have some good ideas, I will charge my battery all day tomorrow, and make sure I have my back up SD card in my camera bag.  I’m nervous about the lighting in the church but I will do my best with what I have to work with.

Luke seriously needs a bath right now and I’m not sure if I should wake him or not?  Ho hum.  I guess he could get a bath in the morning.

The good news is Rob has already worked a crap ton of hours so he will have tomorrow off.

My little prayers every morning have helped me with my anger.  The anger I have towards my family.  Let it go, let it go, let it go.

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  1. Michelle

     /  August 18, 2011

    how did the photos turn out from the wedding?


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