The First Star I See Tonight

Rob and I had only been dating four months.  He had just moved in.  We went to a birthday party for my friend and her dog was there.  I had met her dog a few times.  Rob met her that night.  Two months later that friend called asking if we wanted her dog.  She was moving to Florida.  She only needed us to keep her until she got settled and figured out where she’d be living.

We called her back to say yes but she had already given her to someone else.  We were bummed.

She called back a week or two later saying that it wasn’t working out with the family she had left her dog with and did we still want her?

Yes, we did.

We drove out there that night to pick her up.  Star was the first real thing that Rob and I loved together.

Within the first few months she had already eaten more than half my underwear.

She never ate Rob’s underwear.

She was on our bedroom floor the night Rob proposed to me.

She was there when we brought Luke home.

She was here when we brought Gavin home.

She was always here.

She never let us forget that she was here.

A few posts ago a reader asked in the comments how Star was doing with Gavin.  I responded to her with a moment I will never forget.

I think it was right around Gavin’s two month mark.  I was on the floor with him and Star was on the floor next to us.  I saw her lick her chops and then her tongue came out and I started to say, “Star”, just in that tone to let her know not to engulf his tiny face with her tongue.  But before I even got out “St” that tongue of hers gained all control of itself and she only licked just the very tip of his nose.  That’s magic right there.

Star was such a part of our lives.  She was often the subject of this blog.

Here is where you first met her.

Here is where she had a Starlight moment, as we liked to call them.

Here is when I told you about her alter ego.

Here is when she proved she really had one.

Here is where she called me chubby and professed her love to Rob.

Here is when when we both missed Rob.  We hated those lonely nights.

She was not a fan of cats.  Or any other dog, for that matter.

Luke’s first word was dog.  We taught him to pet her and say, “Good girl.”  The way he would say it was hilarious.

Gavin was just starting to notice her.

I just don’t know if there is another dog I can trust with my babies like I could trust her.  That very thought makes me sad.

God she annoyed me sometimes.  Her nails on the wood floors, she was constantly under my feet when I would try to get up, she would lay on the blankets and trap me under them, she would lay next to the stove when I was trying to cook, she would eat Luke’s food.

But I’m really going to miss all of that.

Here is where we say goodbye to her.  RIP sweet girl.


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  1. This made me cry. It’s so hard and I am so sorry. Star is so loved. She is awfully lucky to be part of your family. xoxox

  2. So sorry…I know what it’s like. I still think about my dogs and they’ve been gone for many years. She knows she was loved.

  3. Oh, Stacey. I’m so sorry.

  4. Such a sweet post!! Obviously you guys lost a member of your family…. so sorry for that loss. What memories though with her and your sweet boys.

  5. I’m so sorry. It’s so hard to lose a pet!

  6. I heard about it on twitter and was sad, but now reading it I teared up. She was such a beautiful dog! Hugs.

  7. Oh no! I’m so, so sorry! 😦

  8. Anonymous

     /  September 16, 2011

    RIP Brittish Gangster


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