I’m significantly annoyed.

Read: menses is upon us.
Read: shouldn’t be blogging.
Read: I’m sorry. Not really. Sort of.

I knew the bad mood was inevitable since my body is more timely than Father Time himself, or would it be Mother Time in this case? Eh. But I was in a good mood this morning. I got stuff accomplished, I showered, I was out the door by 9:30 with 2 kids. All without anger. I pushed those 2 kids around downtown in a stroller for 2.5 hours and returned home with them both without any meltdowns. From them or myself.

But then I went grocery shopping and that was ok, but I was hot in the car because this weather is like freezing outside the car, sweating inside. I really do love this weather but maybe not when I’m approaching my menses.

We went to the second store and I start sweating and I get my few things and I’m getting to that point where I just need one more thing and then I need to be done now because I’m over it and I don’t have any more solid answers to Luke’s 50 questions.

But they are out of that one thing. That significant thing that I’m completely out of at home.

Read: Tampons.

Hahaha. Nope, just kidding.


Really? That means I had to go to ANOTHER store.

Here comes the angry.

By this time I have taken Luke in and out of his car seat 5 times and I had 3 more times to go.

Alrighty, this is when I will shut up. At least I have a child to take in and out of a car seat, plus a car, and money to buy formula.

But I’m just saying.

That shit was annoying.

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