Something odd happened today, this wasn’t it

I am so very tired.

So I will blog.

I tweeted last week (or the week before) how I was an hour early for Luke’s dentist appointment.  Blah.  I really try to write things down but when I’m given an appointment card, I don’t, and I really should because obviously.  But if I write it down, even if I never look at it again, I remember.  Anyway so last night it was 1am and I could not sleep.  All I could think about was how I had scheduled a dentist appointment for myself, an appointment at school, and a pre-op appointment for Gavin all on the one day I have to work on homework in peace and quiet.

I woke up this morning and called to cancel the dentist right away.  I left a message saying I wanted to reschedule for next Wednesday and 30 minutes later the receptionist called me back to tell me that I was originally scheduled for next Wednesday.

Um.  I’m pretty sure they think I’m an idiot.

So Monday and Tuesday this week Rob worked from 7am until almost 1am and wow, that is tiring!  That’s a lot of flying solo for me and on top of it I’m still fighting this cold.  I have missed him terribly and had a list of things to talk about with him when he woke up today.

I took the boys to Grandma’s today and came home to work on homework.  And this is the story morning glory:

I have a 5-7 page paper due by October 14 for government.  (It’s amendment, not AMANDAMENT, professor)

I have a Case Study due for HR by October 18

I have a 100 question test due for PF by Oct 16

AND, I have an essay test due for government that is 5 essay questions due Oct 19.

That feels overwhelming.  Only because Gavin’s surgery is October 14th and I want all of this done before then so I can focus on just taking care of him all weekend because it’s also Rob’s weekend to work that weekend.

Today I did some normal weekly work and I completed my case study so that’s done.

My MIL is taking the boys for me on Monday and I’m hoping to finish my government paper and then on Wednesday I’ll complete my PF test.  That leaves my government test.  I might have to squeeze that in after the boys go to bed and early in the morning.

So it sounds all good, I just hope I can do it all and still take care of my baby.

So today we went to Gavin’s second pre-op appointment and I want my 60 dollars back.  The first pre-op appointment was to ask questions and to check G again.  Okay, I get that.  This one, today?  Was with the PA who weighed him and then gave me 2 prescriptions.  She then asked if I had any questions, which I did….

How long will he be in recovery?’

Can I be with him in recovery?

How long will he be out of it, even after recovery and when we bring him home?

Her answer:  those are all great questions for the doctor when you see him before the surgery.


So I guess the first $30 was somewhat justified, but the $30 I spent today?  I WANT A REFUND.

Anyway, I did find out this sweet boy weighs almost 19 lbs.

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  1. What kind of surgery is Gavin having?


  2. Sass

     /  October 7, 2011

    Um, what the F kind of questions did she think you were going to ask? Argh.


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