Something Odd

Yesterday I had to stop and get gas in the car before I picked up Gavin.  I pulled into the gas station and up to a pump.  I put my credit card in to prepay and I thought it was odd that it didn’t offer me credit or debit.  At this gas station I prefer debit because it’s linked to my bank so there’s no charge and it comes right out of my account as opposed to taking several days to show up.  I just thought maybe the pump was broke and it could only do credit so I didn’t think anything of it.  The screen flashed and told me to go ahead with pumping so I did.  At $38 it comes to a screeching halt like they do when you go inside and prepay, it was acting as if I had prepaid $40 even though I hadn’t so I just thought maybe the pump was acting funny and maybe my tank was full even though it usually takes more than 40.  I didn’t really have to time to think about this because I was in a hurry and getting gas is a pain.  So it stops at 40 and I’m all, whatever I gotta go!  I back out and away from the pump because I could not go forward and I see this guy standing in front of the pump and staring at me.  It’s only then I think, I hope I’m not STEALING the gas, that is not my intent and I don’t need the cops tailing me as I’m trying to get to Gavin’s appointment on time!  I couldn’t tell if he worked there or not so I roll down my window and say, “What?”  And he asks if I just put 40 in and I say yes and that I thought I had put in on my credit card but the pump was acting odd.  Then he tells me he had prepaid on that pump but forgot and filled his tires with air first.

WHO DOES THAT?  When I do prepay inside, I pull up to the pump I’m going to use, walk in, prepay, and then immediately go pump the gas.  Did he pull up to the pump, prepay, and then forget to pump it and then just pulled off to the place to put air in his tires?  Do you think no one else is going to pull in to get gas?  AND it was super busy, every pump was full!  I don’t know but for a minute I wondered if it was a set up.  But then I believed him so I went in and prepaid 40 on my card so he could get his gas.

I consider that my good deed for the week.  I could have just pretended I didn’t see him and squeal off out of the parking lot.  But I didn’t.

Saint Stacey.

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  1. It sounds like he was being honest. But what a weirdo! I would have been super confused.

  2. Sass

     /  October 7, 2011

    SO weird!


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