If I had a Hammer

Two years ago when my dad was moving he gave us his 46″ TV.  Well, first we were just “holding” it for him but then after a year he told us it was ours.  I said okay but secretly if he ever wanted it back, it was his.  At least to me.  Over the course of time it started having issues.  It would take about 10 minutes to start up and then when it finally did, the screen would be just lines of every color of the rainbow and I would have to restart it.  It was fine once you restarted it but still, annoying.  Less annoying on the television watching front and more annoying on it was a 2500 dollar TV front.  I’m not saying I would ever spend that much on a TV but my dad would, did.  Totally.  My dad noticed it doing that one day and told me that it had an extended warranty and we should call on it.  Well, that one day turned into a few months when finally my dad was over visiting in September and we called.  They came and picked it up, fixed it, and brought it back.  It worked beautifully.

The next evening I was making dinner and Rob was doing something in the back yard.  Rob came inside, Gavin started to cry, and suddenly things became chaotic.  Dinner might have even started to burn, I don’t remember.  The next thing I remember is Luke telling me he had fixed the TV.  I said, “Great job buddy!”

He was always “fixing” the TV.  I hear that about 34.5 times a day.

“No Mom, come look at it!  I fixed it!”

After I finally controlled the chaos, I came around the corner to see that why yes, he had fixed the TV.

If “fixed” meant that he DIDN’T hit the screen with the hammer and shatter the screen.

Of all the things he had done to “fix” the TV, I had never seen him even really touch the screen like that before, let alone with his tools.

It is not covered under the warranty.  It is not covered under house insurance.  To fix it for real (meaning: not Luke style) would cost over 1200 dollars.

And that is how Luke broke a 2500 dollar TV.


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  1. Oh my word! …… that’s all I got.

  2. Oh dear Lord. Children! I do not understand them!

  3. Sass

     /  October 20, 2011

    Ahhhh! Lukey! I say this as my child is currently driving his car on the TV screen. So, you know, I get it.


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