After asking those questions and getting a few answers, I’m feeling much better.

We use time-outs. If timing is right we use “going straight to bed”. Like the night Luke broke the TV it was 7:00 so he went to his room. Rob talked to him and told him what he had done and why it was naughty and he had to go straight to bed for the night. He stayed in there with no fuss. Once we took his toys away (not all of them just a basket full that he wouldn’t pick up) for a week and he didn’t seem to notice so taking things away doesn’t really work for him.

I do pick my battles. Finishing his plate is not a priority for me but the whining before and during dinner is not enjoyable and it makes me dread dinner time every night. We’ve been enforcing that he at least take 2 bites of what I make and if still doesn’t like it he can have a pb&j but that’s his only option. We have done time outs during dinner but usually he’ll straighten before it gets that far but I really liked R’s 1 2 3 method because some nights he might get to act out longer because we let it go so this will keep a tally and then it’s a time out no matter what. I will not become a short order cook, but I think I might offer him more options and involve him more on what we eat for dinner. Like here’s our options for the week, what do you want to eat tonight?

It was helpful to read the responses and each response gave me an idea to use. It also made me realize we are all in the same boat.

This is why I’ll never stop blogging.

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