This is Jim and his brother Jim

I’m not in a very good place right now.  Actually, I’m in my dining room at the kitchen table and I guess there’s worse places, yes?  Wait if I’m in the dining room at the kitchen table, am I really in the kitchen?

Ah, hell.


I sort of forgot how going places during the day messes up nap time and how it basically means there is NO nap or only 20 minute naps and that stinks big poo.  I remember now how I used to revolve everything around Luke’s nap time and think it through before going places but with G, I just go and then I remember all of this when he’s not napping like he should.  Which is THIS VERY MOMENT.

You know how I love to cook and plan meals and prepare these meals and the list to prepare this meals and all that?  So I did that when I went grocery shopping last week and everything but then when I opened my fridge and saw the meat I couldn’t remember what meal I was going to make with it.  Except the beef stew meat because clearly.  BUT!  Nothing else.  So then today I decided to whip up a meatloaf and I had everything I needed and well, that feels okay.

My point was that while I’m always making meals at home, we never go out to eat.  We never even order OUT to eat.  I just don’t see the point in spending all that extra money.  But last night, I was just eh, and sort of wanted OUT.  Out with my family and I thought it might be relaxing.  Hahahahahahahaha.  Good one.  It wasn’t all that bad until Luke put too much food in his mouth, gagged, spit it out, gagged again and then SPLASH!  Puke everywhere.  Luckily the server had already taken our check and we were mostly finishing up but I still apologized 47 times (scary age so I go with it) and then ran out of the building.  I really didn’t run, but I sure did hurry.  Thankfully Rob is more pro puke than I, so he handled the clean up and then we drove home with the windows down.  So I paid 35 dollars to watch my kid gag on a chicken critter (they called them, I guess I would’ve choked too) when I could’ve watched that for free at home.

I have to go now.  My husband just walked in and is talking about a costume party Saturday night that’s being thrown by Jim, who is the brother of the Jim we know whose real name is Todd.

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