November Second

Yesterday I had a visit with my best friend.  We were talking about age and how I think I’m going to have hard time with turning 35 this year, well, next year.  But soon.  This past weekend I was talking with a Monk (costume party) and he mentioned how he was rolling up on sixty.  And then he said something that I can’t shake, “You change your ideas on life when your days behind you are more than you have left.”

Okay, so Jen sort of laughed at me.  She laughed harder when I made a face to show her my newly grown crows feet.  I’m glad she laughed at me.  Sometimes you need to be laughed at.

I also made a comment about how I was jealous of people, how it seems they can pull off certain things (like outfits, hairstyles, looks) that I can’t.  She said some people might be jealous of me too and I said, “Of what, these crows feet?” And I made the face again and she laughed at me again.

I read on a blog once that said people only posts pictures of themselves on their blogs if they are skinny.  I don’t know about that, it could also be because you look like a disheveled housewife every day or it could be because you hate your crows feet.

I’m also scared of somethings.  I’m scared of interviewing for jobs/internships.

“Tell me about a situation where you solved a problem….”

“Well, I was at a restaurant once and my son choked on a piece of a chicken and puked on the restaurant floor so I packed up our younger son and left.”

Problem solved.

“Another time my oldest son decided to stop going on the potty so I just put him back in pull-ups instead of getting into a fight with him every hour about sitting on the potty.”

Problem solved.

Okay!  So today’s photo challenge is What I Wore Today.  I could’ve really dazzled this one up and put on something cute that I wouldn’t have actually worn today but then I realized that just isn’t me.  On this regular day when the boys are at Grandma’s and I’m here working on homework (ahem) I would just wear this typical outfit.

So those jeans (2009) are Gap and about 2 sizes too big but they are absolutely my favorite jeans.  I forever search for their replacement in my actual size but have yet to find them so I just make it work.  I’m also wearing a gray Gap boat neck tee (2010) and a Gap black shirt (2004) underneath and the scarf (2009) is also Gap.

Hi, I have a problem.

I tried to get my socks in the picture but I didn’t, those are also Gap and they are red/black/gray argyle.

I’m standing in the doorway from our mudroom, which we call The Bistro (hence, the bistro sign) to our kitchen and I took several pictures of The Bistro because I have plans for it and I’d like to share them with you, aren’t you excited?









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  1. I wear the same thing. All the time though in shades of brown, tan, yellow, orange. 🙂

  2. Michelle S.

     /  November 2, 2011

    I have a secret, I have wrinkles too. On my forehead, and permant laugh lines. I’m just going to keep smiling, because then, no one will know. Same goes for you and crows feet, just keep smiling. If it makes you feel better, I’ve never noticed. I also wake up with a crease on the left side of my nose. Everyday. It slowly fades into my face throughout the day. Somehow, we will have to embrace these wrinkles as we age. Ugh. We’ll have to keep each other laughing until we get to the old gals home.

    Cute outfit.

  3. We all need to be laughed at and laugh at ourselves too. That’s a true friend! Sounds like she is a honest one…… as for the outfit, that’s my kind of outfit. Cute! I’m a major fan of GAP tees…. short sleeve & long sleeve. They offer them in Tall (as I’m sure you know) and I love that. Most shirts tend to be short on me.

  4. I was the one who wrote about only thin people showing pictures! Well, actually Swistle wrote about it and I paraphrased her. Anyway, you’re right; most people have insecurities, and I didn’t mean to claim otherwise.

    I love, love, love fun socks.

    I didn’t post a picture yesterday, but I”ll make it up today!

  5. You are adorable. I love the picture–you, the wreath, the lighting. When I was a waitress many years ago (can’t believe it’s been many years, but it has), my manager said something like about how I’ll never get wrinkles because I was so fair and that without too much sun I was lucky (or something like that). I think she jinxed me. I feel like I have a zillion eye wrinkles. But my dad says I look like I’m a kid. Maybe he says that to be nice. I also think I’m starting to get chicken neck–I hate that. I tell my friends that and they laugh, but I think they are just being nice 🙂 Also, I laughed at your “problem solved” scenarios. I think you would get some laughs if you used those during an interview!

  6. Sassafras

     /  November 5, 2011

    You look great for not really trying 😉


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