November Third

The Bistro is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  It’s all white, it has that beautiful door that leads to our kitchen, and it has an open stair case that leads up to the loft above the garage.  This entire area is finished, however, it has electric wall heaters along the baseboard that cost like a million dollars to run so we don’t get to use the area that much, it’s also not practical now for us to use it with the ages the boys are now.  We do want to use it though, so Rob is on a mission to either a) figure out a way to run vents to it to get our gas heat out there from the house or b) we are going to by a small gas stove to run out there.

I love this house but I have big plans for it.  It’s wonderful and cozy and we have everything we need but I have yet to really change anything so I’m going to share that over the course of the month but first I’m starting with The Bistro.

The reason I love the all white of The Bistro is because it’s a great place to take photos.  The lighting is perfect and the all white doesn’t give you any strange tints like the other paint colors might and I’ve had a few people tell me it would make a great studio.  It would but I’m not sure I’m there yet.  I do plan to get G out there for some pics this month though because he is sitting up really well.

Anyway,  The Bistro:

This is what you see to your left when you walk in from the garage.  That would be some hockey equipment in the corner.  I apologize because I don’t have a wide-angle lens at the moment, so just ignore that.

This is the stair case leading up to the loft and this is what you see from where I was standing yesterday when I took the picture of myself.  I set my camera on the stairs and did some self timer action.

This is what you see from the stair case, and just for fun, here is how it looks from above:

Hello, dog food and yes we drink a lot of diet coke and Coors Light.

I think my plan will be to keep this area white.  The way the walls curve together and with the ceilings so high, it’s almost impossible to paint.  The only wall you could paint would be the wall that the hockey bag is against but anyway, I’d really like to do something like this where the dog food is.

I would choose different cushions and I would want those benches to open.  Hi Sweetlips, can you build this please?  Thanks.

I’d also like some family type artwork on the wall, like I love these ideas of the houses you have live/d in . You could have the current house painting like this:

And next to it, the earlier house.

Have you ever heard of family mission statements?  The first time I heard about it was a few years back on Jon and Kate Plus 8 (it obviously worked for them, ha!) but I thought it was a good idea and so I’d like something like this:

So there it is.  My grand scheme of interior decorating for The Bistro.  One thing is for sure The Bistro key hanger is never leaving.  Because that’s its name and will forever be the name and even our friends call it that.  It’s things like that, those jokes that stick, that I love.

So yes, now it’s time for day three of the photo challenge.  Clouds.  I cheated and took this picture yesterday because I couldn’t resist and I had no idea what today was going to be like and good thing because the sky is one big cloud right now.

Tell me, do you see my head up there?


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  1. Anonymous

     /  November 3, 2011

    I can try Sweetlips. But first I must finish the bookshelf, paint Luke’s room, patch and paint the office walls, and finish getting the rocks for the landscaping. After that I’m all over it.

  2. Michelle S.

     /  November 4, 2011

    you two are cute.

    I need to get on that wall art for you. I owe Jen some artwork too. We could make the cushions. I could bring over the sewing machine and we could have a sewing party.

    I love the tree pick, I like the sharpness of the leaves and the turqoise. Pretty. The bistro would be a perfect studio.


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