November Sixth

I have used my camera a lot this weekend.  I wanted to take pictures of the boys this weekend for a potential Christmas card photo (that’s if I have time to do the cards) but also because I don’t  have a lot of photos of them together.  It went remarkably well.  I will share them with you, but first let’s have some laughs.

So my birthday girl, Jennifer, asked if I could snap a few photos of their family today because she was thinking family Christmas cards as well.  It wasn’t like a formal shoot really, it was just a few and we just did them in the yard.  So then because her husband enjoys taking pictures as well, I said, “Hey!  Maybe he could snap a few of the four of us!” Maybe I’d do a Christmas card of all 4 of us instead of the boys.

Hahahaha.  Good one, Stacey.  I’d say Luke is only good for one “photo shoot” every few months.

Here’s how that went:

These photos are not edited at all, I knew it wasn’t going well and when I uploaded these, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Clearly Gavin is ready, Luke is being a stink.  And it only gets worse.

He won’t look at the camera at all, and the pictures in between these are all blurry from him trying to run away.  Gavin is eating his hands.  Typical.

I’m pretty sure in this picture I’m bribing him, but he does not take bribes.

So I think we might go with this one and call it good.  It pretty much sums it up.

Merry Christmas one and all!

(photo challenge will be back tomorrow!)

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  1. Michelle S.

     /  November 7, 2011

    you should use these for your card, as a progression of shots, with a funny phrase. It will ellicit a smile.

  2. I love the last picture! I actually really like the one where you can only see Luke’s butt too, but I don’t know if that’s what you really want in a Christmas card.

  3. I like the butt picture too! It’s funny. Love all of these. I have to get cracking with a photo for our card. Oy.

  4. I absolutely love that last picture! 🙂


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