November Thirteenth

Oh darn.  I messed up blogging every day because yesterday I didn’t get a chance to.

I don’t feel too bad about that.

Yesterday’s photo challenge was a sunset and our plan was to watch the sunset from our high-rise hotel and then I would post it but we were….wait for it……


I’m not going to be sorry about that!

Our day/night away was pretty freakin’ fantastic.  We left around 10:30 am and arrived for our massages at eleven which were pretty awesome and relaxing.  We were both embarrassed that are stomachs were growling fiercely during the massage so after the massages we hit up lunch.

We did not eat at this bar but we ate close to this bar.  I took a picture of this little pub because this is the place where it all REALLY started for our relationship.

After lunch we walked around downtown observing things and I snapped a few pictures.

I thought this one was lovely and it just happens to be blue so here is my something blue from Friday:

The weather was pretty amazing both yesterday and today.  Yesterday was much prettier though.

After walking around the city for a bit and seeing this piece of art….

we headed back to our hotel to walk around and check things out.  It is very big and pretty cool.  They had a lot of shops and cool little bars that we strolled in and out of while we waited for our check in time.  But on our way back to our hotel we also stopped in for a tour of the next coolest hotel which Rob helped to put together before he switched jobs.

For being such a nice and new hotel though, I was not liking this carpet:

Anyway, soon we were at our hotel which was just as nice if not nicer.

We had few drinks after walking around and then we checked in to take a nice 2 hour nap.  After that we went out for a yummy dinner.  It was so lovely.

Today it was back to the kiddos, who I did really miss.  I did some cleaning, some yard work (the leaves are never-ending!), some homework, made Rob’s breakfast sandwiches for the week, made dinner, and now I’m hitting the sack.


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  1. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Sassafras

     /  November 15, 2011

    I’m not loving that carpet either. Also, the leaves are NEVERENDING!


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