November Fourteenth

I think this month is going by slower because I’m blogging every day.  It feels like it should be past the fourteenth, but I’m really glad it’s not.  The holidays are already creeping up and I don’t want it to go by fast.  I want to enjoy every minute!

When I go to the store with Luke, which is every time I go to the store, I’ve been scrolling the toy aisles with him to get ideas for Santa.  I take pictures with my cell phone to remember so we can make a list for Santa the night we put the tree up.

I’m so confused on what to get this child.  He already has a lot of toys but there are more toys that he’s interested in and plays with every. single. day than he does other toys so I want to get him more toys like that.

And Gavin….I have no clue.  He needs something though because where are the toys Luke played with at 7 months?  Or did I not have them or what?  I thought we did.  Basically he’s into chewing on whatever he can find.  He really likes to stand up so I might get him something to aid in his standing but is that it?

Of the few ideas I have for Luke one is a doctors kit:  sometimes he will ask me to be his patient and check out my knees, eyes, and ears so I thought he might like this and when he saw it in the store he was definitely interested.

He’s also really into construction/police/helicopters/ambulance, so I found like these bigger than matchbox cars but smaller than say….a giant Tonka truck of these CAT construction vehicles (assorted) and then the same size police car, helicopter, fire truck and ambulance.  I think they were like 5.99 a piece.  He’s had  his eye on this GIGANTIC fire truck with a fire truck house but both of those together will be over 100 dollars.  I just feel like he gets more options with the smaller ones….and then he can get more stuff because I’m also thinking of buying him more tracks for his Thomas stuff I bought him last year and 2 or 3 more trains, but will he be sad when he doesn’t get those two big items that he’s been asking for since we started potty training?

See, here’s the thing.  Those two big items were the items he would get to pick from when he went 2 full weeks with no accidents.  We are not even close to there yet so should I just stick with that those presents are for potty training?


He also really wants the lightsabor that actually lights up.

And, am I the only one who panics that these toys will be gone when you try to go and buy them?  Because I am.  I was planning on going the week after Thanksgiving but I’m feeling like I need to get them, what if they are gone?

I’m also really excited so maybe that’s why.



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  1. I say stick with the deal you made. He’ll get it eventually…. and then get the others for Christmas. That way he gets all that he wants. For BB’s first Christmas (last yr), we only bought him 2 gifts….. maybe $20 for the two. I set up other toys we already had from his big bro. They became his! He didn’t know the diference and I still had toys for Christmas morning pictures.

  2. I say stick with the deal too,…and I also worry about stuff being gone-because it always happens to me!!!! Even with something as stupid as a red hooded cape for halloween.

  3. I say keep those presents for potty training.

    I am finding it kind of difficult to choose presents for Ren because there are so many things I know he’d love, but I’m not sure if he would love them for months or if he’d just love them for a day or two. I’m definitely getting him some cool train track accessories (a drawbridge with lighthouse), and I’ll probably get him one or two new trains too. We just had his birthday 9 days ago, so I just feel like he’s overwhelmed with presents.


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