November Seventeenth

I can’t figure out if I want to hug my government professor or punch him in the balls. He’s a little hard to understand when he writes because he’s Croatian and his English is a touch odd. Sometimes I can’t figure out what he’s asking (ball punch), however, he gave me really awesome grades on my midterm and my paper (hug). But then right after the paper was due, I kept checking for his update to start a new week of work. My other two classes are always Monday to Sunday night. His have been whatever day he chooses and that’s okay but hello? Where are you? I kept checking every day but nothing. I was getting ready to email him when finally he made an announcement saying he was giving us a little break because we were ahead of his other classes (hug). Thanks for the break but it would’ve been nice to know we were ON a break instead of worrying what’s coming next because then it didn’t actually FEEL like a break at all (ball punch). So today was the first day I’ve logged on this week since Monday because it’s just been crazy and today he announced how he didn’t want to give assignments due during the week of Thanksgiving so we could all enjoy our weeks! So I assume I’m on a government break until at least next Friday (HUG).

I think that’s three hugs and two punches in the balls.

So homework didn’t take that long since all I had was my HRM class.

I spent the morning at Costco replenishing diapers, formula, and detergents of the sorts. Everything I bought a month ago lasted me a month or it’s still going so now I have another month before I need to go again. I’m really impressed with the cost of some of their toys and they have everything there I want to get Luke so I think I’m going back in a week or so to go Christmas shopping. Does anyone else shop there?

I’ve also wanted to talk about how I’ve started grocery shopping at Aldi. Do you have an Aldi? If not, here is the website. If you poke around on the left you can see how they are able to be so cheap. I was skeptical of this store in the beginning. I had this preconceived thought that the food would be bad quality and not taste as great. But then my neighbor told me she shopped there, and then my cousin (who is very picky) told me she shopped there and when I was hearing the total of their grocery bills….I was way curious! I’ve been shopping there now for a couple of months at least and I’m super happy with everything. In fact, several of the items that I thought I wouldn’t buy there because I was picky about and preferred a certain brand? I actually like better! Wait, that’s a lie, there is ONE thing that is not and that’s Cheez-its, but hello? You cannot buy the off-brand of Cheez-its, you just can’t.

After Gavin was born I increased our weekly food/needs budget to $130 to cover the extra costs of diapers/formula but now I’m only spending $100 if that on everything. I’m getting all of our food at Aldi for an average of $55 (not including soda) and then I get everything else at Target or Costco. Today I spent $140 at Costco but I will not need diapers, pull-ups (still working on that potty training!) for a month, and I won’t need dishwasher or laundry detergent for two months. I bought two big cans of formula and that might only last me 3 weeks. We’ll see because he’s starting to eat lunch and dinner now. I must also add that while I’m spending less on food at Aldi, I actually have MORE food. More options for breakfast and lunch which before I would mainly focus on dinner which was doable when Luke was younger but now he wants a few more options and I’m able to give him those.

I’ve tried to do this for MONTHS and I want to KICK myself for not having faith in Aldi way back in the day!

I’m not quite sure why I shared all that I’m just saying how happy I am to be saving money.

I’m a bit behind on the photography challenge. I think I can catch up but I’m not so sure I’m going to be able to capture a sunset in November. We’ll see. The best thing I’ve learned so far from this? MANUAL FOCUS. What a difference! It never occurred to me before. I’m always so amazed at when you figure something out on accident that you could’ve figured out like A MILLION years ago. Amazed and dumbfounded with myself.

I’m not sure I shared this but I’ve been asked to shoot two weddings next year and an engagement session. I’m really scared. I’m scared because….family photos? Baby photos? Even engagement photos? If I honestly messed it up somehow so badly, I could say….hey, let’s do those again. But a wedding? There are no do overs. I mean, they know what they are getting into which is that I’m not a PROFESSIONAL photographer that charges $3000, they’ve seen my photos, and they know what they are paying so I think they know what to expect but still THERE ARE NO DO OVERS. Also? After I assisted with that wedding last August I remember specifically saying the one thing I learned that day was that I didn’t want to be a wedding photographer.

The thing about being a wedding photographer is about a thousand special moments during a wedding and it’s impossible to catch each one and that makes me sad. Like it actually makes me mad because that’s all I want to do and I can’t do it. So there. But I will still shoot these weddings for these wonderful brides because I enjoy it. And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a “photographer” at all, I like to do it for friends and on the side and if I could make a little money than great, but my main plan and focus is finishing my degree and getting back into the work place. Recently this blogger wrote this and I related to that because I have a feeling I’m going to feel like that. I’ve especially loved this time with them but with Gavin turning one next year and Luke going into preschool, I do think it will be time. The perfect time.

While writing this I had to get up no less than 10 times.

And that concludes this post which is really more of a book.

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