November Twentieth

The interesting thing about this photo challenge is a few of the pictures are of yourself and then one of the recent pictures I’m late on is myself with 13 things.  I mean, who is supposed to be taking these pictures?  Me, right?  That’s rather difficult but I have an idea.

Anyway, I took another picture on Friday.  This one is eyes and I had just waxed my eyebrows and the hair on my upper lip (you’re welcome) and I thought it was my best wax job yet so I took a gander.

Here’s my eyes:

I’m pretty proud of some of my pictures lately because a few of them I haven’t had to edit at all.  BUT!  Of course there’s a but!  I have some pre-set settings on my camera that I labeled PEOPLE or THINGS.  I left it on THINGS so I’m a bit more saturated (orange?) then I think I really am but oh well.

So there it is, EYES!

Okay, what I’m behind on:

Something Blue

Yourself with 13 Things

Silhouette (I’ve never done a silhouette before so this should be interesting)

Long Exposure


My Shoes

Something Orange


I’m off to work on those pictures, fold laundry, and do research for two papers that are due in two weeks.

If I finish one of those papers by Tuesday I get 5 extra points.  HAHAHAHAHA.

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