November Twenty One

I  need to put away laundry.  I need to return some library books too.

But first!

Photo catch up.

Something blue:

This little elephant is a life saver.  Gavin loves him.  He was really dirty so I gave him a bath and when I was hanging him back on the car seat I discover, “Hey! He’s blue!”


I really wanted to take a picture of a rotary phone or a VCR but I haven’t found myself near either of those in…well….a decade or so.  My iPhone.  Or my iLove as I like to call it.


I love these shoes.  I particularly like gray shoes.  I’m a huge fan of grey in general.  I get a lot of compliments on them.  I got these gray flats at American Eagle in early 2010.  I’ve also been wearing my black riding boots a lot which I’ve gotten 3 compliments on in a week and all 3 people almost fell over dead when I told them I got them at Target.  I think that’s strange.  The only thing about the black riding boots is there is no zipper so you have to wear them with leggings or skinny jeans.  There’s no cramming a straight leg in them.  My favorite shoes are probably my Merrell’s but I also enjoy the Ugg boot.  Because there is nothing like my foot inside those boots.  My toes rejoice!

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