November Twenty Five

I’m not sure what I did different yesterday than any other year but it was by far my best turkey yet.  Incredibly juicy.  I used the same recipe, I basted just as often, but I think I bought a Butterball this year as opposed to the generic brand maybe?  I don’t remember what “brand” I bought last year.

I didn’t really have any shopping to do today that would be any better of a deal than say tomorrow, so I didn’t go out.  Or I didn’t plan to go out.  Last week when I went grocery shopping I pretty much bought enough for two weeks, there was just a few things I might need to pick up like milk and eggs.  I had enough milk to get through today to avoid hitting the store but guess what I was running low on?  WIPES.  Hello genius!  I get my wipes at Target.  I love Target.  But I didn’t want to go there today.  Well, then the new Christmas lights I bought last month (two new sets of 100 since my sets that were on my garland for the last 7 years took a crap last Christmas) didn’t work!  I got them half way around my garland and half the strand stopped working.  I was getting so frustrated.  So then I said, “These fricken lights are going back to the store!”

“What fricken lights, Mommy?”

Um, oops?

At least it was only fricken!

So then I gave up.  Luke needed my attention, Gavin was waking up and my frustration told me it was just bad timing.  It’s also kind of difficult to fold laundry in a sea of Christmas decorations so I packed up the kiddos and we hit the store.  I did get one deal on something at Hobby Lobby for 7.00.

And then we hit up Target and I only left with the wipes! I didn’t see one deal that would benefit me.  I did try to scope out some deals for the kids online with Gap and ON today but the website kept crashing so I said forget it.  And the few items I did finally get to see something that I might potentially like, they didn’t have the sizes I would need.

The biggest shock of all yesterday was at dinner.  Luke is really weird about meat.  He’s not really a huge fan and I don’t push it.  The kid loves other healthy stuff and he will eat some meat.  What he definitely won’t eat is meat on a sandwich.  He won’t eat a turkey or ham sandwich or something like that, his idea of the perfect sandwich is pb&j all the way.  So yesterday when I made his plate I just put a bit of everything and I wasn’t going to worry about it.  He picked up the piece of turkey FIRST THING and just killed it.  Ate it all.  And had seconds!  He basically ate the turkey, rolls, and sweet potatoes.  He has never ever liked mashed potatoes.  For some reason I think that is odd.

Apparently the turkey did it’s job though.

That was an hour after dinner.

Do you shop on Black Friday?  If so, what was your best deal?

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  1. I love when bloggers ask questions…so no I dont usually shop on black friday. I usually work so I have a great excuse not to go out into the madness. I did get some online shopping done at work though!


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