November Thirty

Here it is.  The last day of November.  I took a lot of pictures this month.  Not enough though.  I wrote a lot this month. Still not enough.

My baby turned 7 months old.

I celebrated 5 years of love with my husband.

Luke crawled in bed with me on too many occasions.  Too many occasions that I am thankful for when I wake up with his little feet curled up under my back.

I made a turkey.

I put up a Christmas tree.

I was happy most of the time.

I was sad some of the time.  I might have cried a few times.

I wrote 3 papers.

I kissed my husband every day.

And I snuggled those sweet, sweet boys.

I worried for over half the month.

I wasted over a half of a month just worrying.


I want to be happy more, I want to worry less.  I want to pick up my camera even more, I want to always write.  I want to snuggle my family in giant family hugs, and I’ll keep kissing my husband every day.

I’m also going to make more cinnamon rolls.

Because they are delicious.

See you next year, November.  We’ll do this again.  And I’ll be more relaxed.  I’ll leave you this to jump-start your ovaries.  Also?  I can’t wait to see what he looks like this time next year.  Oh man.


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  1. Michelle S.

     /  December 5, 2011

    So many blessings.


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