Fa la la la la

It does not feel like Christmas.  I don’t mean that in the I can’t believe Christmas is here so fast and time is flying sort of way, I mean it like it doesn’t feel like Christmas TIME.  First there’s the no snow thing.  I’m not really complaining there is no snow but it’s been rainy and mild so it feels like Spring.  Like I left my Christmas tree up too long and now it is APRIL.  It looks surprisingly healthy for April, though.

There’s the other thing that I’ve been GOING CRAZY NONSTOP SINCE LAST WEDNESDAY.


Grabbed your spiked eggnog and sit back to enjoy this fun ride:

It all started back in October when my dad told me he needed a biopsy on his lung since it kept retaining fluid and giving him a hard time when it came to breathing.  They had taken the fluid off a few times and assumed it normal since the removal of his kidney (archives: 2010).  But it wasn’t going away so they did a scan of his lung which showed some spots (dad called them spots, doctor called them MASSES.  Big difference, padre!)  So, when I hear the word biopsy, I think no big deal when it comes to the procedure.  I don’t think no big deal when it comes to the outcome but I didn’t think the procedure would be all that bad.  Well, it was.  I found out the day of the surgery just how invasive it was going to be and that dad was going be in the hospital for 5 days.  Whoa.  Fortunately no cancer was found!  Unfortunately he got a little pneumonia which meant he had to stay longer (he’s still there). I spent the weekend visiting dad, doing all my normal stuff including homework and just moving nonstop.

Go back a couple of months and The Brother has scheduled a surgery on his hip (read: not old, too many sports!) for yesterday.  He thought dad would be out of surgery to help him out (read: dad is always dramatic but not about THIS. Thanks dad!) and he was not out in time.  Obviously.  So The Brother was able to drive himself to surgery but I would pick him up.  He said surgery was at 8:30, he’d probably call around noon.  At 1:00 I hadn’t heard anything and began to worry so I called up there and found out he had just gotten to recovery.  Really?  How long was this?  I find out it was pretty bad and took a long time so apparently The Brother inherited his ability to underestimate from our FATHER.

It took The Brother 6 hours to come out of anesthesia.  While waiting for him I went to visit my dad who was in the same hospital in a different section. (SCORE!) (NOT REALLY!) Dad has a asked for somethings from home (at your service!) so I walk the 2 miles back to The Brothers room to get the keys to drive there to get the stuff.  This took me forever and when I got back The Brother was still in and out.  He asked me something about snow angels.

Finally!  I get him home, I get all of his prescriptions filled, I drug him up like a good little sister does and I leave him. I come home and hurry to finish a quiz and a response for government due by midnight.

I wake up today at 6:45 to a frantic text about missing prescriptions and going to the pharmacy.  He was confused.  He was remembering random conversations we had in-between his bouts of conscientiousness.  This makes me laugh.  He’s sorry he woke me.  But really I was already up.  I had to get both boys ready to be to Grandma’s by 9.  I get that done, I head over to The Brothers who needs a few things from the grocery store which was fine because I needed milk and he can’t live on energy drinks the whole time he’s stuck at home.  I get that done quickly and The Brother asks if I have numbers on the side of my car.  I don’t, I’m just efficient.  Then the realtor calls wanting a copy of our marriage license for the bank for the sale of the Cheese house (sure! what else am I doing today?)

I get back home around 11:00 and quick shower so my neighbor can take me to Costco (read: no membership) so I can get Luke’s last Christmas gift.  Remember when I was worried it would be gone?  It was.  YIPPEE!  I got something else though.  Something better. Before I jump in the shower though I call UPS because hello?  Where is my package I ordered on Black Friday?  The tracking said it was OUT FOR DELIVERY.  It did not say DELIVERED.  The woman on the phone is super sweet when she says, “This package is being delivered by your mail carrier.”


I come back home from Costco and Rob helps me go pick up The Brother’s car from the hospital, he leaves with the car and I go up to visit dad who is questioning about everything going on with The Brother.

Over all this time Rob has had a cold.  A bad chesty, chills, freezing, I can’t breathe and I’m extra whiny cold which is not good since I’m running all over.  I try my best to give him breaks and naps when I can but it sucks, for him and for me.  I’m also washing all bedding and disinfecting everything (read: crazy psycho).

I leave dad to go pick up the boys and we go over to The Brother’s for one last check on him.  I made him soup, changed his socks (special socks to prevent blood clots) and I get home at 6:00.  I made homemade calzones.

I’ve finally now sat down because I’m dead.


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  1. You are a superwoman! And now I need to go to sleep.

    • Stacey

       /  December 8, 2011

      What time did you comment on this? It say 3 am. Lol!

      • Definitely not 3am. More like 10pm? But then baby woke up so I didn’t get to sleep until like 1:30am. Not fun.

  2. Michelle S.

     /  December 8, 2011

    regarding tweet: how sweet of your neighbor to buy you flowers! So thoughtful. Yes, you sound very busy and like you are in need of a break. Be sure to take some time for yourself. Hope your dad and brother have a sucessful recovery…and Rob, get well soon. Let me know if you need anything. A trip to the movies? babysitting? coffee at my house? playdate for Luke and we can sit and chat? i’d bake your family dinner, but we know that’s not my strong point. So I offer my Mary Poppins services for a day or some time away for you.

    • Stacey

       /  December 8, 2011

      You make me giggle. I can’t wait to hang out in 2 weeks. But typing that made it seem really far away. 😦

  3. Wow! Good to know both your dad and brother are on the mend, though. I always feel like I have extra energy when I have a zillion things going on. It’s when they’re finally accomplished that I realize I’m dead.

    What did you get Luke?

    • Stacey

       /  December 8, 2011

      I got him this Lego town where can build a police station & a school and it people and a few cars. He’s really into building stuff right now. 🙂

  4. Bridget

     /  December 8, 2011

    Stacey, you are an amazing sister and daughter! I got exhausted just reading that. Anyhow, you are wonderful. Hopefully everyone heals up quickly.

  5. Wow! And you’re taking “me” time when?!?! Glad your dad is on the road to recovery and that your bro is doing well. …..and your husband gets better soon! Never easy to have a sick spouse in the house. The only Christmas shopping that I’ve completed is the boys’ stuff. Since I know that that’s taken care of, I’m not stressing over anyone else. 🙂


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