I like to move it, move it

Today is Saturday.  It’s one of those days in a long time I don’t really have to do anything. I’m not sure when this happened but somewhere between being pregnant for Luke and right after I had him I created this inability to be able to relax.  Like actually sit down and do nothing.  I used to be the QUEEN of doing nothing as long as I was giving my self permission to do so; I was happy with myself.  Sure, I used to run and exercise and do lots of great stuff but I swear on my heart of hearts that I move way more now than I ever have.  And I haven’t run since June.

Rob told me to figure out something to do today just for me.  Go to a movie, meet a friend for coffee, do something.  Well, I couldn’t find a movie I wanted to see and really?  You know what would make me the most happy?  Relaxing in a clean house.

Last night we had our first Christmas party with the in-laws and Luke got 3 big gifts in 3 big boxes and you know what?  Boxes are the devil and there’s all those little ties and plastic that’s around all the small crap and it gets all over the floor and you have to break down the boxes because they don’t fit in the trash bin and blah, blah, blah.  One thing is for sure, Luke LOVES his 3 big gifts and it almost makes me feel like he doesn’t even need the gifts we got him.  I don’t mean that snotty, I just mean it’s TOO MUCH STUFF.  He doesn’t need all that when you know what he’ll still play with the most?  His hockey sticks, football and baseball stuff.  GUARANTEED.

So I woke up this morning and made pancakes because I hadn’t made them in a really long time and they are Luke’s favorite.  After breakfast I made a solo trip to Target for formula & a few stocking stuffers and then I came home.  I wanted to just sit on the couch and log on pinterest but instead I cleaned the kitchen and dining room.  THEN I was going to log on to pinterest but I saw my human resources book and decided to finish my notes so I could get the final exam over with so I did that and completed my exam.  Two classes done, one to go!  It was then that I saw on our college website that my government prof gave us a full week of work in ADDITION to the final.  (BIG FAT BALL PUNCH)

I guess what I’m saying here is I’ve lost my ability to be lazy.

I want that shit back.



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  1. Anonymous

     /  December 12, 2011

    I love Christmas, but the STUFF gets totally out of hand. Hubby and I go overboard for our son, and he’s the only grandchild for my mom, so she goes just as overboard for him AND for hubby and I. My dad and his wife get him a lot, too. Hubby’s one of seven kids, so gifts from his side of the family are very few, which works out great. It’s overwhelming. We’re very blessed…but certainly don’t need all this stuff. My son, no matter what he gets, will be playing with Legos the most, so I know what you mean.

  2. I accidentally hit enter and it posted…That comment above was from me. 🙂

    • Stacey

       /  December 13, 2011

      3c’s! I was JUST thinking about you tonight and wondered where you were!!!

      • Have I not commented here in a while? I still read; I just get sidetracked and end up not commenting a lot. You are one of literally 4 blogs that I still read. Sometimes something will happen and I think “I should blog about that”…and then I don’t.

      • Stacey

         /  December 13, 2011

        Well you hadn’t blogged or been on twitter so I was thought maybe you’d given it up!

  3. Michelle S.

     /  December 12, 2011

    i’m trying to do more of that myself. But it is hard to relax when I see a big black hairball float by. Trying to teach myself to relax more and just let some things go. I can’t do it all. Not enough time in the day, so why exhaust myself trying to fit it all in. Laundry, dishes, dirty bathroom, they can wait. sanity is more important. I actually just finished a really good book about this.

    I don’t think you’ve lost it, you just picked up more responsiblity along the way, that requires more of your time and attention. If you make time for it, it can be possible and worth it.

    • Stacey

       /  December 13, 2011

      Michelle, is this you? My friend in real life? I’m sorry and everything, but did you just say you read a book?

      • Michelle S.

         /  December 13, 2011

        i know, i’m turning a new leaf. I’m up to 6 now. Diary of Anne Frank, that I read once in high school and did every book report possible from that one book. Cliff notes paved my way through high school. Thank God for those. There was Romeo and Juliet (required). A financial book, a biography, Amy Butler fabric design, and now a self-healing book. I’m on my way…I have two more waiting for me at home. One on creativity and one on living in the now. It’s part of making “me” time and relaxing. Who knew reading could be relaxing? and not a chore? So far, i’m enjoying non-fiction. Surprise!

      • Stacey

         /  December 13, 2011

        Good for you!! Maybe we can have book club now!!

  4. Exactly! Hubby always says I need to just sit down and relax. But. But. I can’t. Because if I don’t do it shit doesn’t get done and I really don’t like it when shit piles up on me. I laugh at how I used to be, all lazy and uptight if I couldn’t be. Ahhh…parenthood.


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