The Green Monster

Christmas is over.  I was really excited for it but I’m glad it’s done. And now I’m bored.  Ha.  I really am.  School starts the ninth and while I was relieved for the semester to end, I get really bored when I don’t have anything extra to do. I was spoiled this semester because all of my classes were online which meant I didn’t have anywhere to be. This next semester I have to actually go to school on Monday and Wednesdays so that means I must have the kids up and ready to leave the house by 8am. I don’t know why but I dread that the most. Gavin is easy but it’s Luke who requires his time in the morning to get moving and eat breakfast and he’s not always a speed demon when it comes to those things.

I took down all the decorations yesterday because I usually do, in fact, I’m surprised they decorations made it that long, I usually do it the night of Christmas. Our tree still looked good but it was clearly dead.  Those needles were like teeny tiny knives and every time I went to take an ornament off I was all, “Son of a B!”. And I think I heard the tree laugh. I think it might have pissed itself with laughter when I tried to get it out the door and a bunch of needles sort of shattered and flew all over including down my shirt and one of the needles stabbed me in the boob. So I told the tree to rot in hell (read: death of fire in our fire pit) and shoved it out the door (clearly I was calm and not frustrated at all!).

I thought I might leave the decorations up longer this year because we have kids who might care but there’s another reason I had to get all those decorations down besides the fact that I hate clutter. The decorations look nice those first few weeks but then it gets a little too cluttery and I hate clutter. And because we have new furniture being delivered today I wanted the extra clutter gone so I could clean before the new furniture comes and sort of start fresh with all the decorations put away, a clean house, and a new living room.

YIKES!  I feel so guilty about this.  The minute we left the store I wanted to go back in and return it and Rob was all, “Are you kidding me?”  And I said, “Oh crap, you’ve never experienced a big buy with me before have you?”

Yes, we bought this house together but we needed the house if we wanted to have more children. And well, I think that’s the only major purchase we’ve  made together. I consider anything over 1000 dollars a major purchase because 1000 dollars doesn’t seem like much to pay off (as long we don’t have several 500-900 dollar purchases with it!). It’s also easier if it’s something we need, and part of me felt like we didn’t really NEED this new furniture, however, when you can see the cushion through the fabric because it’s wearing so thin, then maybe you do.

I was feeling guilty on Saturday morning.  One of my friends and I were having a conversation over text and I told her we bought new furniture and I felt so guilty.  She said, “DON’T! You’ve had that green monster FOREVER!”

Hahaha.  It’s true.  I’ve had this furniture for almost 14 years. I loved it. I still love it. It’s incredibly comfortable. But it’s very big. And it’s sage green. Here’s a furniture tip: never buy furniture that you have to base your decorating around, buy furniture that you can decorate however you like and your furniture will match (read: neutral). The green monster and it’s side kick monster chair, worked great at the old house because paint colors were chosen based on the couch, but when we moved it didn’t work anymore. But it didn’t look bad and I lived with it. I didn’t want to change the paint colors though because I really liked what they had here already (minus the deep red accent wall, although I don’t hate it). I also figured that eventually we would get new furniture but with two boys, a dog, and a husband who wants his furniture with built in cup-holders, I didn’t want to deal with that purchase any time soon.

But then we saw a good deal on a commercial and we decided to go look. I was shocked because it wasn’t even my idea! And we found something. That we AGREED on AND its neutral, AND it will match anything, AND I can change out throw pillows if I want which I’ll be on the hunt for when the guilt of buying furniture disappears and I allow myself to spend money on anything other than groceries.


I would say, “Rot in hell green monster!” But its not leaving the house and I don’t want hard feelings between us.

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  1. Michelle S.

     /  December 27, 2011

    very exciting, can’t wait to see it!

  2. jc

     /  January 6, 2012

    I remember going to get that furniture with you. ha ha


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