Shoot! It’s bullet time again.

  • I like the new furniture. If my house ever gets clean enough, I’ll take a picture and post it because I have a few questions like a) should there be a rug in the small empty spot and b) do you think it’s too big for the room (14 days to exchange however it was the only think I liked in the store so…um I don’t know)? and c) does it look weird off centered from the window? Because I don’ t know why but things like that bother me. Okay fine, here it is.

See my little blogging spot, right there?

I realize my windows look a little bald, I intend to take care of that if I can find what I like, but I don’t like to rush things like that. There were curtain sheers (from previous owner) but they were getting squished and looked funny so I just took them down tonight). I’ve had a color picked out for the accent wall (the red one I don’t hate) forever and when my neighbor popped over today she immediately asked me if I was going to paint and I said no. She was surprised, but while I tend to be a little “I want what I want when I want it” type of person, I am not fast on change when it comes to decorating. I like to take my time.

  • I made dinner tonight and Rob said, “Oh, you are making dinner huh?” I don’t know what my problem is but I am not in the mood to make dinner like ever lately. It happened after Thanksgiving too and I think it stems from preparing and shopping for the big holiday meal and then I hit a wall and so I’m all, “Here’s  ANOTHER grilled cheese! Enjoy!” Personally, I could eat grilled cheese every night and live a full & happy life but some other people cannot. I made this recipe I found on pinterest for the third time tonight and they seem to be a hit. And they require minimal effort.
  • Time seems to be going by really fast lately. I’m scared to turn 35 (in two weeks). It’s closer to my 40’s and I’m scared of my 40’s.
  • I’ve been posting my pictures here. I ditched the recipe stuff because I just do not have the time. Clearly.  See above! There’s a few pics I’ve posted here but not all of them.
  • I’ve stopped putting Luke to bed. Rob puts him to bed now and for just a few weeks we are avoiding me having anything to do with it at all. We are trying really hard to get him to go to bed and stay there. Because I’m with the kids all day by the time 8:00 rolls around I have the tendency to cave than stick to my guns because MY EARS HURT. Luke usually ends up on the couch next to me until he falls asleep or in bed with me if I go to bed early. Sometimes I don’t mind this but sometimes I just need that time at night. I need some time to look forward to when I can have peace & quiet. I’ve had a few people say to me that they think I’m a pushover when it comes to Luke. I felt insulted by that. I don’t think they meant that I don’t discipline at all or that my kid is a brat but that he just listens better to Rob. I guess that’s true but I hate that feeling I get in my stomach when people say stuff like that because I immediately feel like a bad mom.
  • 2011 wasn’t a bad year at all. I remember being so glad that 2009 was ending because that year sucked and now it’s 2 years later. See what I mean about time moving fast? I’m excited for 2012. But I’m not so excited to be 35.
  • My dad is finally home. 🙂
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  1. Michelle S.

     /  December 29, 2011

    I love the new furniture! Very nice. I see what you mean about the window. I have a suggestion, you could try turning the couch towards the driveway wall and move your TV to the driveway wall as well. Maybe place a vase with tall flowers/twigs in right corner (rethinking vase, not baby proof), TV stand towards the left of the wall. You’ve had it set up that way in the past, i think that would help to balance the room, especially since the lounge extends outward, you want to be able to visually extend that piece. i’m picturing a patterned modern valance for the windows, over your blinds. Something bold. We could totally make them, if not us, my mom for sure would be more than happy to assist. She loves doing that stuff.

    Clay has had to step in with Braydon, similar to what Rob is doing with Luke at bedtime. Fathers have a tone, that mothers, no matter how hard we try to be stern, they don’t respond the same to us. I have found that when Clay steps in to help me out, it makes a huge different. I think what you are trying is a good idea, and will also benefit you, with piece and quiet time. Win all the way around.

    i’m glad to hear your dad is home.

  2. Stacey

     /  December 29, 2011

    We can’t move it that way because it leaves very little room to get IN the living room. But I do like your idea of a vase or something which I already have! It’s up on the stair case landing because the tree was here! I’ve been scrolling the internet for ideas on curtains and non of them are matching the idea in my head, I will have to tell you about it and see what you think!

  3. I love your couch and want to marry it. That is all.

  4. Ok, I lied. I have more. I am more of a pushover with Ren than my husband is. I know this. Yet when people say this to me, it bothers me and makes me feel like a bad mom. But we aren’t bad moms just because we aren’t as strict as our husbands. We aren’t!

    I’m glad your dad is back home.

    I still love your couch.

  5. I agree with the above comment about marrying the couch. I love.

  6. Dads are just bigger and more of a presence. Even when I am angry and yell it means nothing.

    Love the couches! Like the vase idea above to “center” it


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