I Annoy Myself

I’m starting to get nervous. I had signed up for two of the classes on the same day to make it an easier schedule but then I started to reconsider it. I checked out Rate Your Professor DOT com and decided that maybe the professor I had gotten for econ 2 wasn’t a good choice. I decided to search to see if there was possibly any openings left with the professor I took for Econ 1. There was one spot. On Saturday mornings.

I took a Saturday morning class in the winter of ’10 and I loved it. I thought it would get annoying but actually it wasn’t annoying at all. And let’s be realistic, I don’t really do anything on the weekends.

I decided to switch my class so that I could be with him. And then I looked him up on that website and whoa. He does not have many fans. Yes, his class was very hard. But as long as you took detailed notes and studied those notes (read: rewrite them a bajillion times before the test) you will do fine (which is basically what most of the comments said). And that’s what I did. I ended up with an A in that class and I nearly shit my pants. I figured I was getting a B. I don’t know if you remember but he was the prof that gave us 10 points for a 10 page paper and then gave us extra credit if we wrote an ADDITIONAL 10 page paper. Um, I did both. But that seems like A LOT of work for 10 points. I liked it too because there wasn’t any homework besides the papers and then just studying the detailed notes for tests. One of the comments did say that if you took him for econ 1 you should take him for econ 2, and you will breeze right through it. That would make sense, and it’s sort of what I’m hoping for. Also? He’s very involved in the community and we sort of “connected” (maybe a strong word for a prof, but you get my drift) in econ 1 so I wouldn’t mind getting to know him better as a resource. Rude?

I AM TOTALLY OFF TRACK. I’m getting nervous ABOUT the studying. This is not unusual, I feel this way often right before school starts but now it’s a little magnified because I have TWO children and a neighbor boy who likes to come over EVERY SINGLE DAY right after I lay Gavin down (shakes fist!). First off, Rob is awesome. So I know on the weeks I have tests I’ll be all, “Rob, I need to study 2 hours a day every day this week.” And he’s all, “Cool.” Really. He’s great about it. But I often try to get that done during the day but with the neighbor kid here, urgh. (I’m not at all bitter about naps interruptions, can you tell?)

The situation is that neighbor boy’s dad works nights (very hard protecting and serving, if you get my drift) so it usually goes that NB comes over during the day while daddy is sleeping and Luke goes there after daddy wakes up unless of course either of us have stuff going on so it’s not always EVERY DAY but it has been for the last week or so, so it FEELS like EVERY DAY now.

I guess, if I need to study, I just need to send NB home and not fret about this at all because I’m dumb and all worrying about hurting NB’s feelings or Luke getting all mad when I send NB home but WHATEVER. I am the mommy! I’m the boss!

One last thing I would like to add to this annoying blog post is that one of the comments about my econ prof was something like how this person had transferred to the University of Michigan after having this specific professor and how of all the professors and classes he’s had this prof was BY FAR the most difficult. Really?

I can do this. I will find time to study.

I am ridiculous.

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  1. You’re getting nervous because this is important to you! But you know once you settle in, everything will be fine. And obviously, you have a very supportive husband! All the odds are in YOUR favor!! You’ll rock it!!

    My hubs is getting ready to go to night shift. It’s for a promotion so really doesn’t have much choice. I’m nervous about having the boys all weekend and trying to keep them quiet so he can sleep. Can I send them to your house?! 🙂 I’m not too worried until the baby is born. When I’ll have 3 around here, now that thought is making me nervous.

    One last thing…. you ARE the mommy!! And you RULE the house! 🙂

  2. Michelle S.

     /  January 6, 2012

    you’ll totally rock this class. For sure. your amazing and will get an A. If you feel that it would be better without having NB over everyday, you should definitely say something to his mom. She’ll understand. do what is best for you and your family.

  3. I tend to get worked up about things before they happen and then they happen and its fine and what was the big deal? You’ll be fine.


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