I don’t need a formula to figure this one out

My new answer is going to be, “Yes, I do mind.”

So today I was running around to get to class and finally plopped down in my seat at 8:45 when class starts at 9:00. I like to have a few minutes to myself because you know….IT’S RARE. I’m pretty sure in the 13 minute car ride from our house to grandma’s, Luke asked me 743 questions.

I sit down and just as I pick up my phone to read tweets (read: this is relaxing for me) I hear a girl ask me if she can sit by me.  I say yes because I don’t care. She talks to me a little and I answer her, I am nice…

But then she won’t stop talking. And then Miss Talkathon called me old.

She said, “I am really great a math. I love it. I didn’t even need to show up for the last test when I took algebra because it was all review for me and I am so good at math. A lot of the people in there were failing and did not understand because you know? They were OLD and it had been YEARS since they took it.”

Did she call me stupid too?

So okay, I’m not like 68 and taking classes but I was just surprised she said that to me(but maybe not since obvs I look 21).

You can probably guess I didn’t get to ready any tweets.

So the prof starts teaching. I’m actually clearly understanding statistics. I’m not hating it yet. I get the formulas and if I just follow what he does, I’m getting the examples just fine and getting them right!

So then Miss Talkathon asks me if we can share my book because she’s going to give her book to the boy behind us because he’s embarrassed to share since he doesn’t have his book yet.

Ah, I guess so. Until I realize it means she’s in CHARGE of the book that I PAID $250.00 for. I’m sorry Mr. Embarrassed behind us is too shy to share but now I have to lean WAY over since the problem I’m trying to do is on your side of the desk.

I finish one of the examples we are working on and she reads my solution and is all, “Crap, I did that one wrong.”

Did I go on and on about how SMART I AM? No, I did not. The word jinx doesn’t just exist for high score on Words With Friends, people.

Anyway. We move on to a more in-depth problem. I didn’t read the question right and I jumped the gun and was doing more than I should be doing…just as I realize this and start to erase Miss Talkathon who is HOVERING OVER MY WORK is all, “You don’t need to do ALL THAT.”

“I know I jumped the gun a bit, I got it now, thank you.” And I let that slide. I got that problem done and moved on to the REAL more in-depth problem. I was doing the correct process, I was doing the correct formula but my answer wasn’t coming out right so I was just reviewing my numbers to make sure I had written them all down correctly, and what do you know? I didn’t.

As I’m erasing a little to make room for my mistake and so I can read it later when I review it at home….guess who is hovering and starts talking again? I BET YOU GUESSED RIGHT.

Miss Talkathon leans over and points to my formula sheet and says, “It’s THAT formula, THAT ONE RIGHT HERE.”

I breath deeply before I bitch slap her and I say, “I got it, I was missing a number, I got it now.”

We were kinda free at this point to finish these problems or leave and I didn’t want to leave without finishing this problem (read: OCD, not really but I at least wanted to finish it and it wasn’t even time for class to be done yet.) And she had finished it because she is SO SMART but clearly she was worried about me so as I’m rewriting it with the number I had excluded earlier she is HOVERING over me while I’m trying to calculate it on the calculator and I got the wrong answer AGAIN and I know it’s because she’s all up in my business, I did have everything right this time (and I clarified that when I got home) but she’s all, “Did you get it now?”


I finally said, “I GOT IT.” So she leaves and I’m pissed. I’m pissed because the other class is starting to come in and if she would’ve just LEFT ME ALONE I would’ve completed it before leaving but NOOOOO.

The professor is erasing the board as I stand up to leave and he says, “You got it Stace?” And I said, “Mmmhmmm.” Really. I do get it. I did the problems again when I got home and I got it! There’s nothing wrong with his teaching, he’s great!

What I’m wondering is…statistically, what is the probability of me pushing Miss Talkathon down a flight of stairs in the off-chance that she’s walking in front of me down a flight of stairs?

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  1. The probability is VERY high. 🙂

    I hate people like that.

  2. itsybitsymama

     /  January 17, 2012

    Girl needs a good slap!

  3. Michelle S.

     /  January 17, 2012

    ughh…that’d be annoying. I love to read your school stories.


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