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While it feels like a lot is going on around here, when I sit down to write the first thing I think of to type is, “Not much is going on around here!”


The thing is that it always feels like a lot is going on in the moment but when I sit down in front of the computer is when I actually have a minute to blog and well, that’s when nothing IS going on. Hello? Don’t leave yet.

I’ve done a lot of studying. And then after I spent a week with my head buried in the books I came up for air by…wait for it….cleaning! Not just normal cleaning but by organizing and reorganizing and a bit of deep cleaning. I have a closet left still to do. We also closed on this house for the refinance (hello $$$), and I should be (crossing fingers) closing on my other house February 9th. Let’s hope so! Rob’s car is in the shop as we speak getting the dent fixed. Luke just peed standing up on the potty. I did a little redecorating in our bedroom and I hope it looks more like the bedroom of adults and not 2 kids in college. I took before and after pics but they are not downloaded yet. I took pictures of Gavin for his 9th/10th month and of course, I was not entirely happy with them and then Rob asked me if I was ever happy with anything I ever do so I decided to suck it up and love them. I certainly love the subject.

Here’s two:

I know I always say I don’t believe in NY resolutions but I’ve come up with two recently. I want to finish my vitamin bottle. I’ve been doing really well taking them everyday for more than two months so I should finish the bottle before the end of the year. I also want to make our bed everyday.

I called on preschool today for Luke (gulp). I have a question about it if you don’t mind answering it. If you’re still reading. Recently they started a Spanish immersion program in our district. Last year it started with kindergarten but this year they are starting it with preschool. The students stay in this program through third grade and then join the other students after that. Mid way through first grade they go full on Spanish and can only speak English to kids that our not in their class. My only concern was how it would affect his English learning and they said he will be a little behind the kids who are not in the Spanish program but promise he will catch up quickly.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Like any questions I’m not thinking of?

Thanks, I’m off to fold laundry now.

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  1. We have some neighbors…. she is American and he is Hispanic. He moved to the States when he was 6 or 7 yrs old. So English is technically his second language. They have a little boy 4 or so. He is bilingual. And “they” are correct about telling you Luke’s English will be a little behind. This little boy language is not quite where it should be…. BUT, he’s learning two languages at once. So that will be what Luke is doing. In the long run, it won’t hurt him (in my opinion!) and will only benefit him. After learning two languages, “they” say learning more is simple.

    And little G….. cutie pie!!!

    • Stacey

       /  February 2, 2012

      Thank you! For some reason something is tugging at my heart & telling me not to do the Spanish thing, however everyone else thinks it’s a good idea. I can’t help this nagging feeing tho. It must mean something.

      • If something is telling you “No”, then as a mother I say don’t do it. Regardless of what everyone else says. It’s up to you and Rob to make the choices for your boys. Or….. if Rob is anything like my husband, I gather all the facts, run them by him and tell him what my opinion is. He tends to go with what I think is best b/c he knows I’ve put thought and research into the answer.

  2. I’d be a but apprehensive about anything that may delay his normal language development, especially since it’s not like he’s in a bilingual household. Two of B’s friends at preschool are bilingual, but it’s because their parents speak it at home (one is German/French — so trilingual — and the other is Spanish). You could always ask Luke and take his opinion into account, too. He is young, but it matters…especially if he really doesn’t like learning Spanish so young.

    • Stacey

       /  February 2, 2012

      I have thought about talking to him about it & I’m going to but I need to think about how to approach it. I’d also like to talk to the teacher first.


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