My New Enemy

There once was a time when Luke would eat whatever I made him. The only thing he has ever adamantly refused was a lunch meat sandwich. And then, I don’t know. Something happened. He developed an opinion or he just got really picky or I wish I knew the answer! Because he’s barely eating. And getting him to try anything is a constant fight and it’s gotten to the point where I hate dinner time. I hate thinking of meals, I hate cooking the meals, I hate the eating part at the table, I don’t want dinner time to be a fight.

First of all, I hate the wasting of food. So the “just keep making it and having him try it” thing is not for me. I’m not saying I won’t do that now and then, but I’m not doing that everyday because that is a lot of wasteful food when we are on a budget.

I love to cook. I love to shop to cook. I love to make new recipes. I love feeding people. But I don’t really like feeding people who cry about it the whole time I’m making it and then cry about it the whole time they are eating it.

So what I’m saying is I’ve come to hate it. Dinner time is my new enemy. I’m sure we can be friends again but until then it’s a lot of easy recipes with a fruit or vegetable on the side that I know Luke will eat.

Someday I’ll be blogging about how I have to double a casserole that serves 6 because my boys won’t stop eating.

The problems, they are ever changing.

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  1. Have you ever taken him shopping and let him pick anything (veggies, fruit, etc.) that looks good to him? Let him help prepare as much as possible. We go grocery shopping every weekend and B gets to pick whatever veggies and fruit look good to her even if they aren’t something I would have picked. She always eats something she helps make, too. Or that is fun to eat.

  2. Bridget

     /  February 6, 2012

    I always made my kids a separate dinner from what my husband and I had. I know it was extra work, but it was alot less stressful for me. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to fight with my kids about food. My mom did with me and my siblings, and I still won’t eat macaroni and cheese. My kids have grown up and they eat just fine now, but damn if they don’t all still love chicken nuggets! Seriously, I would think they would be sick of those things.

    I feel your pain, Stacey. It does get easier.

  3. My enemy…. bedtime with my youngest. I dread it! He takes forever to get to bed. LM can be in bed and asleep in 10 mins. BB takes 45 mins to an hour. So I def feel your pain about dreading a certain part of the day.

    Will Luke just not eat or only wants to eat certain things? My go to food…. fruit! I always keep several different types of fruit in the frig. And for LM, he likes crackers and cheese…. or crackers and peanut butter. He’s also good about eating hummus (b/c he can dip!) I figure…. if they’re hungry, they’ll eat. If not, they won’t. And lets not forget the fall back, mini pizzas. I use english muffins and the boys love them. I try to get as healthy food in them as possible but it’s not my goal each and every day. Both my boys are healthy. (Another secret: We do McDonald’s once a week for dinner when the hubby is working. 🙂 Or some other cheap, fast food.)

  4. Stacey

     /  February 7, 2012

    I should’ve mentioned that he will only eat certain things. He will eat fresh blueberries (by the pound if I let him), grapes, bananas (sometimes), peas (only the frozen kind that I cook), broccoli (I call them little trees and he used to eat these really well but it’s been iffy lately), and he will eat a plain tomato cut up. Those are the “good” things he will eat. Other than that he loves pb&j, grilled cheese, mac&cheese, nuggets, spaghetti (LOVES THIS), tacos (and he loves the black beans & I put cheese on them). That’s all that’s coming to mind right now. I try to buy the healthiest versions of nuggets and mac & cheese but I just feel like it’s not as good as it could be if it was something else. Anyway, the point is this limits dinners for us. Oh! He will eat a plain piece of chicken baked in the oven with salt & pepper. So I’ve been making Rob & I something else on a few nights and something Luke likes on those nights, otherwise we eat spaghetti, tacos, and grilled cheese.

    • Cook several pieces of chicken at once to freeze. Or roast a whole chicken, cut it up and freeze it. Will he eat that? With my little one’s allergies, I always have chicken in the freezer. He LOVES chicken & rice too. I’ll add peas, carrots and corn to it (frozen kind) for a little veggie intake.
      Hopefully, just a stage he’s putting you through!!!


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