Have you ever watched Ruby on Style Network? I love that show (and I guess they might not renew it, bummer!) and I love her!! But she makes up her own words, people. On her blog it even has a special page defining what “her words” mean. If you thought Rachael Ray’s EVOO and stoup was bad, this is worse. So when Ruby says hackey? She means happy. When Ruby says sensi? She means sensitive. There’s a million more but for some reason (even though it annoys me) sensi tends to stick in my head, so when I think of sensitive, I automatically think SENSI. Thanks so much, Ruby.

ANYWAY, to the point. Every time I undress Gavin and if I’ve just picked him and set him down you can see red marks on his skin where my fingers put pressure on his skin. He’s reacted with a rash on his skin to few different foods and since I’ve always used the same soap with him since he was born, I’m afraid to switch. I think his stomach is quite sensitive too because it doesn’t take much for him to get um….loose, if you know what I mean. (Sorry, future Gavin!)

The doctor noticed it at his last appointment since he was only in a diaper when we waited and I was picking him up and setting him down (playing) until the doctor came in and when he did come in he was immediately concerned with all the red marks.  I explained what I thought and the doctor agreed, “He just might be more sensitive when it comes to his skin.”

This is odd to me because no one in my family has sensitive skin.

I don’t know where I’m headed with this other than every time I see a red spot on his skin I think, “He’s so sensi!”, in Ruby’s voice and I’m annoyed with myself. I really do love Ruby, I’d actually like to hang out with her.

And I noticed this again last night when I got him ready for his bath and that’s why I’m typing this. I apologize.

He’s now bathing in the big tub and he rolls around in the water on his belly, people. I have to stop him from putting his face under the running faucet.

Let’s look at him again for fun since he’s 10 months old today:



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  1. Your kids are so beautiful Stacey, sensi and all 😉

  2. Ooh in a few pictures there he looked a bit like Luke. I can’t believe what a big boy he is becoming!


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