Sometimes I like to use my blog to confess. And maybe I’m looking for reassurance. Maybe not. I just feel dumb.

I completely failed my second microecon test. I am so embarrassed. I am so mad about it.

The tests in this class are hard. They are all essay & require a lot of graphs, however if you take good notes and study the notes, you can do great. It’s exactly like macroecon. And I got an A in macro. So maybe its not the same. Humph.

We were tested over 6 chapters. It was a lot of formulas and the problems were long. The minute someone suggested we use open notes I knew it was a bad idea. I knew he would somehow make it more difficult. He had also given us 12 problems of homework to have due on test day.

Here is my one an only excuse or complaint I’m going to say about this because I can say that I obviously screwed up somewhere when it came to preparing my notes, but don’t you think it’s ass backwards to assign homework to students who won’t get any type of review of what they did wrong? Or at least an example of how to get it correct? How can you have the homework to prepare you for the test due on test day?

In all my other math classes (both accounting classes, algebra, and even stats!) we always do problems in class, review it, and have a chance to ask questions before a test.

I spent so much time on that homework and it did very little to prepare me because I was doing some of it wrong but didn’t know that.

I’m just mad. Mad at myself for not being good at math and formulas. I’m mad I didn’t prepare better even though I’m not sure how I could of.

Ok, I’m going to complain about one more thing. The whole test was based off of the same type of problems from 2 out of the 6 chapters so it was also like if you didn’t know it, you didn’t have a chance. I knew stuff from the other 4 chapters that he didn’t even test us on.

The good part is he is offering extra credit. And we are done with those types of problems but I just hope I can recover and still get a good grade, and not have to retake the class.

I’m being a baby, I know. But damn, I don’t like to fail.

(And as I reread this to edit it (poorly), I almost feel like telling him this. But I won’t)

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  1. Ugh. I’m sorry. It happens. It happens to everyone. But it still stings. xoxo

  2. Michelle S.

     /  February 27, 2012

    Maybe you should tell him. Constructive critisism? If he doesn’t know, he can’t fix it. He’d probably appreciate your feedback.

  3. Frustrating. Any Math beyond algebra were the tough classes for me. I enjoyed econ. I think it’s one of those things you either get or don’t, and I got very lucky. In other classes…Not so much. Good luck with the next test!


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