Too Much of a Bad Thing

Gavin has slept great this week since his bout of illness(es) last week in which after the stomach flu he was waking up for food/pedialyte during the night and I would happily oblige.  It’s after he wakes up now where things get a little….messy.

On Monday, of course on Monday because I have school and we need to get out the door, he slept through the night but as I walked into his room to get him out of his crib I heard a noise that no one really wants to hear. You don’t want to hear it coming out of your own body let alone anyone else, and certainly not your own child’s. Luckily this child is a baby and still wearing diapers. He laughed and slapped his hands down on the foot board of his crib not so sure that he just completely crapped himself and whew! it did not smell good. I cleaned him up, put on some fresh powder, a new diaper and some fresh baby lotion and we were good to go. I gave him only 4 oz of formula to snack on while I got ready (anymore than that and his body rejects it in the other direction, still) and so I could get Luke his breakfast and dressed and we could all still get out the door.

And then I heard it again. God, that’s awful.

Now I’m rushing. Another diaper change is not in the timeline in the morning so I had to get moving. In the mean time Luke is being all sorts of cooperative and whining about everything I do and how it’s not right.

We manage to get out the door on time.

Yesterday? No poop explosions. You know why? We have nowhere to be on Tuesdays.

Today I walked into get Gavin who is still asleep, mind you and he hears me walk in and he’s all happy and jumps up and is slapping those hands again and not saying anything that sounds like Momma. He likes to make me wait. We get to the changing table and I smell something but it didn’t seem explosive and who would sleep in THAT?

Gavin. Gavin would totally sleep in that. It was more than explosive. I didn’t even know where to begin to touch the diaper and why don’t I keep RUBBER GLOVES IN THIS ROOM?

It’s fine, we still have plenty of time. Luke is up happily eating cereal and watching the news and all I have left to do is pack the bag. I give Gavin a semi-bath and it’s more fresh powder, clean diaper, new outfit for the day, more yummy smelling lotion. Good to GO!

I give Gavin his 4 ouncer to keep him busy while I load the car and as I come over to get him to put him in his car seat, I smell it. Again. Ugh, this poor child. Does he feel better? Does he feel worse? I know how I feel, but how does he feel? I feel bad.

Okay, it’s okay, I have time for a quick diaper change and it’s the last class before Spring Break (WOOT!) and I can do this!

I unzip his outfit to find poop in places that I didn’t know were possible when a diaper was covering the place of eruption, it’s everywhere and we need a new outfit.

I didn’t have time for THAT. But we did it and we were still out the door only 5 minutes late.

The explosions can stop any time now.

Or how about an explosion of something else rather than a bodily function? No more snot, no more puke, no more poop!

I want rainbow explosions, brownie explosions, money explosions, everything will be okay explosions, stress free explosions.



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  1. Michelle S.

     /  February 29, 2012

    OH NO, that is awful. Poor Gavin. Poor Momma. Hope this clears up ASAP! and here’s hoping for wonderful explosions to come your way.

    • Anonymous

       /  March 1, 2012

      You are super mom! Poor G man though. I really hope he feels well getting all of that nasty out of him.

  2. Peanut M&M explosion? How awesome would that be?

    It’s always right before you walk out the door. WHY IS THAT? Hope G feels better.


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