The last few mornings it’s been so nice waking up to light. Sunlight. I know that’s going to end soon with the time change but that means more light at night. Woot to that.

I haven’t really been behind my camera much which I tend to do during the dark months but I’ve regretted that. I started gathering the photos to make Gavin’s first year video montage and I realized I didn’t have as many as I would like. Aw, poor second child.

I’m not sure if I ever shared on here (I’m sure I meant to) that I’ve been hired for 3 photography gigs. Eek. Gulp. Two weddings this summer and an engagement session this Spring for one of the couples. Eek. Gulp. The thing about the weddings that scare me is you cannot REDO a wedding. If someone asks me to do family or kid pictures well, I could redo those if I had to but a wedding? Ah, nope. Eek. Gulp.

The one thing I really needed for the weddings was a wide-angle lens. I have a 35 mm and I have a 55-200 mm but I needed more of an 10 or 18 to 55mm for the large family or wedding party photos so I bought an inexpensive lens that came recommended through this website that I follow from a serious photographer. I was excited to get it and started shooting with it right away. And I was disappointed. I made a ton of adjustments and with the lighting in our house, it wasn’t doing what I wanted.

Having been fed up with that lens a little, I put my 35mm back on my camera and boom, GREAT photos. It was then that I realize that these lenses are just made to do different things. And the 35mm is by far my absolute favorite for indoor pics & portraits. I think the wide-angle will still do great for the wedding and since most pics will be outside, I’m not worried but I love the pics so much from my 35mm that it scares me and I didn’t want to have to change lenses during the wedding but I might have to. Thoughts, Michelle? The shallow depth of field that I get from my 35mm is phenomenal compared to the wide-angle. I also get great shallow depth of field from my zoom lens but that’s not really what I use my zoom lens for.

Sorry for all that mumble jumble. I think it’s important to note that I made sure both brides know that I’m not a professional photographer. I just enjoy it & consider it a hobby and will do it for people when asked but I don’t strive to do this for a living. I like natural light, I like close ups, I like facial expressions, I like it when I’m taking your picture and you don’t even know I’m taking it. Wrap all that up into one word and that’s what I am when it comes to photography.

Here are some of the pics I took yesterday.

And the “d” is still sticking on my laptop. urgh.

And for fun, here is a pic of my newest niece Sophia that I took last week.

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  1. I would totally pay you to photograph my kids.

    We have WAY fewer photographs of Ree than we did of Ren. Oops.

    G is so cute!

  2. Michelle S.

     /  March 6, 2012

    you could bring my camera as second camera with a different lens attached, so you wouldn’t have to switch back and forth.

    • Stacey

       /  March 7, 2012

      I might take you up on that! You might need to show me a few things.

  3. Michelle S.

     /  March 6, 2012

    Cute pics! I love the jeans and feet. Nice lighting on both sides of his pants.


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