Random Crap

I was going to blog since I had the computer out but Gavin just woke up from his nap so now I’m blogging from my phone. Ahhh, these problems that I have are so big! Ha. I prefer to type on the laptop but I do like typing on the phone because rarely am I required to finish an entire word. Thank you iPhone for encouraging me to be dumb.

I don’t like to drink anymore. I don’t mind a cold beer or two but anything like wine or a hard drink gets me drunk way too fast and even if I have one drink, I have a headache in the morning. I hate that. I hate it because I do not like it when I cannot take care of my children because I am hungover? I just feel completely irresponsible when that happens. I’m not saying it really is unless you do it regularly but for myself, personally, it makes me feel too out of control of a situation and if you know me at, I need to feel in control at all times.

I’m a loser. And no fun. I get it.

I am loving this weather. I’m loving how much Luke is loving this weather. He has been a grimy filthy mess at the end of the last few days and I’m okay with that. Play hard, I say. Love it. Soak it up! The best part is he passes out for bedtime before we can even start bedtime and that makes life so much easier.

The double stroller we purchased has paid for itself a bajillion times when it comes to my sanity. Yesterday the kids were driving me to bonkerville so I put those turkeys in the stroller, plugged my ears with my earbuds and off we went on a walk to the park. My ears get a break the whole walk there. Then we play at the park and my ears get a break all the way home.

Yeah for that.

School can be done any day now. Over it. Over this semester anyhow.

I am really wasting this day but I gave myself full permission to do so.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Top of the late afternoon to ya.

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  1. I’m all about a “dirt ring” in the tub at night. It means my boys have had a fabulous day outside and are tired. What kind of stroller did you get? I’ve got to get one for the two little ones….. I really don’t want to spend the money but I think I’ll get my monies worth when it’s all said and done.

  2. I usually just have one drink or two these days. It seems like my party days are over. I too get drunk too quickly and tend to get headaches, which are no fun. So I get it, the not wanting to drink… as I am sitting here finishing a glass of wine. To be honest this rarely happens, unless I had opened a bottle sometime before in the week with Mike and there was still some left, which was what happened tonight. One glass of wine, that’s all I need to unwind and sleep like a baby, so I’ll drink that.
    I like how you gave yourself full permission to take a day off, and enjoy. I need to remember that. I sometimes decide I’ll work from home, when I really don’t feel like doing anything, so I’ll waste the day away, but still be in front of my computer, just not working, and feeling guilty for it all along… I need to remember to just be frank and admit I’m taking the day and enjoy it already!

  3. “I put those turkeys in the stroller…” LOVE IT. Double stroller is a sanity-saver!


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