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Cartoons I don’t like: Fresh Beat Band (not a cartoon), Yo Gabba Gabba (um, also not a cartoon), Dora the Explorer, and Wow Wow Wuzby.

Cartoons I can tolerate: Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and Berenstain Bears.

Cartoons I actually enjoy: Scoobydoo

Cartoons that are not allowed: Phineas & Ferb and Spongebob.

I also enjoy most children’s movies.

I don’t have any good reason for sharing this.

Luke’s face is already getting a tan.

We have conquered number one when it comes to potty training and technically we’ve conquered number two because he knows when he has to do it and doesn’t just poop his pants however he’s also mastered this enough to wait until we put on his pull-up for bedtime and then he goes ahead and poops then. It’s not fun.

I still have no real cake plan or decorations planned for Gavin’s birthday. I did send out invites via text and FB though so there’s that.

Luke had his first s’more of the year and a camp fire with daddy last night. He was in heaven.

I’m in heaven. I am in love with March this year.

And now Luke wants a snack so I’m off to serve him.

I’ll be up at 6am tomorrow morning registering for fall classes. I cannot wait.

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  1. Ren’s favorite shows are The Avengers and Little Einsteins.
    My favorite kids’ show is Phineas & Ferb.

    I hope you got the classes you wanted!


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