Oh Darn

It seems Luke can read because he must have read my post from yesterday and thought,”Ha! I’ll show her!”

He pooped his pants today. Just straight up pooped them. Got home from grandma’s at 4:10 and by 4:27 he was pooping his pants.

The state university that I’m super excited to graduate from is really unorganized. First I was told I could register for classes at 8 am. Wait, nope…6am. Which I actually preferred because I’m on the road with boys at 8am so I got up early. Nope! Big red X screaming NO CAN DO! So then I tried at 8am and again, nope. So I called and was then informed after 2 transfers that I could register at 12:30 pm.

Well that works way better than 6am or 8am and I’m glad I found that out at 8:15 am while fighting with gently mothering Luke to put his shoes on this very instant (speaking softly, of course).

Huh, 86 degrees tomorrow. I might hit the beach then.

Wait, oh never mind.

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