Confessions (mostly based off what I’ve seen on pinterest)

I will never put applesauce in my baked goods to make them lighter. I just think if you’re gonna make baked goods, make them right and either skip dinner to eat all you want, or don’t eat all you want.

I really want to create a board on pinterest labeled WTF, but I’m afraid that followers won’t pay attention that it’s pinned to my WTF board and think I’m actually pinning it because I like it. Here’s an example:

I can barely even look at this picture, in fact, someone I know pinned this and it seemed everyone was taking a break from pinterest for like two weeks because every time I logged in this was always in the top two rows of recently pinned by my followers and it disturbed me. I’m debating even putting it on here, I feel like I’m just asking my readers to NEVER RETURN. This is not the only thing that would go on my WTF board, in fact, I might just start a private WTF board and post them HERE! Hello! An idea is born!

Okay, so let’s talk about the picture I mentioned on twitter.  I hate even doing this because I feel like it’s rude but I must say I LOVE THE BLOG it came from and this is no insult to the food photography because I enjoy it. I do! But this picture just seems wrong to me. Tell me, yes or no? (and if you know where it’s from, let’s not even mention it)


So I lied. More confessions.

As much as I’ve said two children would be it for us….um, I can’t stop thinking about Third baby. Nothing soon or anything but it’s right THERE in my mind. It’s really not that I never wanted a third but the pregnancy. God. The awful smells, the extra saliva, the nausea, did I mention the awful smells?  But also I’m 35, so this wouldn’t even be until 37  or 38. Maybe by then the idea will be gone. (I don’t think so)

Third baby thoughts make me think of money which makes me think of how Third baby would change things and we would need a bigger car. We have friends with minivans and my SIL just bought one after the recent birth of her third baby and while I see the appeal, and oh man that is a lot of extra room….I just don’t think I could. It’s not that I don’t like them and I see the function but I don’t want to drive one. I feel like it’s giving up the last tiny piece of me buried in my pinky toe that is still “cool”. And it’s not even that I think vans are UNCOOL.

And finally, my last confession. I think my lips look like man lips. And I think that’s why I’ve never liked applying lipstick because it doesn’t look right on my manly lips.

Wait, one more. I’m going to have to blog about the neighbor boy and tell you how I want to beat this kid. I wrote before how I love, love, love his mom and we’ve become good friends but I’m really losing my patience with this child and I’m this close to telling his mom that I’m going to take away the play time between he and Luke if he can’t behave. He came over 4 times on Friday and I turned him away because of how he acted the two days before with Luke.

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  1. The garter picture is horrible!! Just plain horrible. …..the other picture. Oh my! Seriously. Maybe I’m a 13 yr old but I DIED laughing when i saw it. Wanting a 3rd baby… that’s how I was. It was just there in my mind. I just didn’t feel like my family was complete with just LM and BB….. And then the decision was taken out of our hands! 🙂 I will say that I transitioned from 1 to 2 pretty darn easily….. 2 to 3 has been a lot harder though. But still can’t imagine anything else. I feel the same way about a mini van…. and that’s why I drive a Yukon XL. My hubby felt the same way so it’s our primary famiy vehicle. I LOVE it!! Plenty of room and I still get to drive a “cool” car. I’ll probably be driving one as long as I’m hauling children. It’s a great family car. ….. why not talk to the kid’s mom?? If you are good friends with her, I think you could approach her very carefully and just put it out there. Do you guys ever do anything as a group….like husbands and all the kiddos? How does he act then?

    • Stacey

       /  March 25, 2012

      I will answer that when I write my post. I think you will be surprised!


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