WTF Board: Round One

I’m in a grumpy mood today so while I fully intend to write about the boy next door, today is not the day. Sometimes it’s better to just admit it will go places it shouldn’t just because I’m crabby.

So guess what? I’ve been saving my WTF pins and I’ve got about 6 of them which is the perfect amount to get started!

Shall we?

I’m not posting the links to the photos which could be breaking some sort of internet law but I’m not taking any credit for these.

I’m not sure what this is promoting but I will tell you that this is also my favorite way to drink coffee. In a sweater with no pants. I’m not sure why I had the time to do my  hair so gorgeous like that but I did not have time to put pants on. Oh, who cares, the best part of waking up (and standing half naked but looking gorgeous) is Folgers in my cup.

My first reaction to this is to scratch. Also, no pants again. Is this a bathing suit or an undergarment? Those must be her undergarment slash bathing suit bracelets. I actually never wear bracelets unless I’m hitting the beach. My other concern with this if I were to buy it (totally considering it) is that my boobs would be poking out the bottom through that lace because I don’t seen an under wire and let’s face it: these need it. I can scratch that off my wish list.

This is a WTF fake out. I love it. I want it. I have no place to wear it to so I’m just loving it from afar. Moment of silence…….

That reminds me, where IS my reading hat?

AND that dress with the bow on it….looks familiar?  I swear I’ve seen it somewhere before….oh yes, yes I have seen it before.

I don’t have words for this really and all I can think about is how I can’t breathe. This gets points for being unique but also? WTF?

It’s not over.

Again, I’m not sure the point of under water maternity photos other than how it’s a euphemism to how the first few months (or hell, the first year) you feel like you are drowning.

There you go. Round one is done.

I’m not sure I used the word euphemism correctly but go with it.

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  1. The underwater bouquet really gets me. I mean, fine, you’re pregnant, in a dress, underwater. But you’re also holding a bouquet?! Really?!

    I love the 90210 reference.

    You don’t hang out in nothing but a sweater, looking out the window in a sultry manner? Don’t you want your neighbors to watch you drink coffee with no pants on?

  2. Michelle S.

     /  March 28, 2012

    OMG, this is hilarious. Please make this a permenant column. You may have seen the bow dress on me in red, circa 1991. Don’t forget the pearls, braces and red bow shoes. The fake one, i love that outfit. You could wear that to a wedding, concert, dinner DT. Very cute. Would look nice on you. Sweater and no pants, my family would be like “put some pants on, for crying out loud.”

  3. Thanks for the laughs this morning!!! I just frickin’ laughed so hard at the last pic–is that supposed to be attractive???? And I definitely wear bracelets when I wanna wear bathing suit neglige. She’s probably wearing heels, too! 🙂


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