If I could just learn to not try and do anything other than parent my children, I would never get frustrated. The last two days I was frustrated because I was trying to study while Luke played super hero or monster trucks or hockey (the list goes on and on) and Gavin just wanders around chewing on any piece of furniture he could get his tiny paws on. But the minute, THE MINUTE I open my book, they get all yelly and whiny and all the sudden Gavin is in Luke’s way of doing anything he wants to do and WAAAAHHHHH. Now, I’m not a dummy. I don’t plan to really study with them both awake but then I notice, wow they are playing so well together or they are just so into their own thing so let’s get this done! Rookie mistake. So then instead of tending to them when they are both squealing in my face, instead I think oh let me just finish up rewriting this page of notes but that ends badly and then I’m yelly. Today I actually yelled at my child for yelling.

Hang on, let me just bounce out to the mailbox and see if that Parent of the Year Award is here yet. I hope it comes with a REWARD too, like money.Oh shoot, I would bounce out there if I had pants on. Darn it.

Usually (when I’m thinking clearly) I wait until Gavin’s nap to study. Luke is great at sitting next to me while watching his programs and I’m good at tuning out ScoobyDoo Camp Scare for the millionth time. But there’s also this thing right now where Luke is, “I’m bored, Momma!”  And also, “I’m lonely!” And, “But who will do it with me, Mommy?”

On a side note, one of my favorite things lately is this, “What day is today, Mommy?” So I tell him. “What are we doing today, Mommy? Anything special, Momma?”

Some days we do have something special planned and some days we don’t.


I’ve already found at least 5 more pins for my WTF Board: Round Two.

I like it.

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