Photography: Girly Photo Shoot

My BFF’s daughter is going to be 14, people. FOURTEEN.

Hang on, let me wipe my tears a second. I just don’t understand how she can be turning 14 this month and I’m only 25.

Ahem. Shut up.

Now Jen has another little sweet precious girl born just 3 months after Gavin. She asked me to do a photo shoot with the 3 of them for a birthday gift for her husband.

Oh Natalie. Such a great little model.


I thought spelling out DAD was so cute! Here’s another one of my favorite D one’s.

Then there is Hannah. Oh my sweet almost 14 years old Hannah. What happened? When I think of Hannah, I still see this:

But in reality, it’s this:

Hannah is so many things. She’s the opposite of everything I was at 14 and I love that about her. She is also a talented dancer. I asked her if she wanted anymore pictures and she said, “Stace (because she’s called me Stace since she could talk) can we try one of me jumping?” Of course we could. But she didn’t mean just some regular old jump, she meant one of her dance jumps. And holy crap.

My cup runneth over, man.

And finally, sisters:

That’s not even close to all of my favorites from this shoot but uploading pics is annoying, yo.

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  1. I love the last photo!

  2. jc

     /  April 10, 2012

    I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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