WTF Board: Round Two

Here we are again. I wasn’t sure this would be a regular thing but it’s unstoppable.

I’m starting to feel about pinterest how I feel about reality shows. The first season or two of a reality show definitely seems more real (not as scripted) to me than when they get into more and more seasons and they start getting paid real money. A few months ago pinterest was doing what it was meant to do and now? Now it’s like businesses and T.V. shows are on there…what? I don’t get it and I don’t like it. So there’s no shocker the amount of nakedness that’s found its way there too. None of these would link you to a porn site, so that’s good.

Again, I claim zero credit for any of this.

Found these cookies labeled as Unicorn Poop. Yes, please put the word poop in the title of any food name and I’ll be sure to whip it up right away and eat it. No, I won’t. Blech. However, how lucky are unicorns?

These hats always seem great in theory but how does it really stay on your head? And every time I try one on in the store, I can’t see anything. But this picture does reinforce the fact that dangley gold bracelets are indeed meant for the beach!

God Bless America.

What did unicorns do to deserve this? Poor uni’s.

And is it just me or are they trying to make a comeback from the 80’s?

You could have a whole unicorn themed party. Poop cookies! Unicorn Farts as party favors!

These are really cupcakes.  I hate hate hate dessert designed as regular food. WTF?

There’s more.

What, no garlic bread? Good Lord.

Fake out! I actually just thought this was funny. Hehehe.

Just off to the gym! I’ll probably stop and do some quick grocery shopping on my way home! It’s like these people follow me.

I’m sorry, Ashley. I didn’t mean to catch your name on there. Pretend you don’t see that. Pinterest has been making me regret ever getting rid of my jean shirt from 1995 (totally wore it in my senior pics! so cool) and then I come across this? Of course! A BOW! DUH.

I’ve never colored Easter Eggs with Luke. This is the first year I think he’d really be into it so I talked about it with Rob who thought it was a good idea, but what would we do with a dozen hard-boiled eggs? Rob had the great idea to make deviled eggs for Gavin’s party on Easter Sunday and what a genius! We can color the eggs together, have a great time, and then Sunday morning make those babies into little devils for the party guests. I’ve only made deviled eggs one other time and I don’t remember where I got the recipe so I just did what we do now, I searched pinterest!  So there I am scrolling through a sea of fancy deviled eggs looking for the picture that seems like it would taste the best and wait….wait…something just doesn’t belong….

That does not look a deviled egg to me.

I think I’m making the one on the top left. They looked the best.Those dark orangey one’s are creeping me out. I think those are creeping me out more than The Rock or maybe it’s Dwayne “deviled egg” Johnson.

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  1. Michelle S.

     /  April 6, 2012

    these are beautiful! Good job Stacey! Love the jumping one too, that girl is amazing, isn’t she!


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