The Reason

I promised I would come back today and explain a few things.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Ryan’s dad is a police officer. He works nights which means he sleeps during the day. I think a lot of the inconsistency comes in because Ryan’s mom does anything she can to keep him quiet while his dad is asleep. All he has to do is start to throw a fit and yell and she gives him whatever he needs to shut him up. I understand it. She never wants to risk her husband not getting enough sleep when he works a job like that. I get it.

The other thing is that Ryan has an older brother who treats him similar to how he treats Luke. On occasion Ryan’s older brother will play over here and it’s pretty obvious.

It’s the consequences that are not there for these boys. The right intention is there but the follow through isn’t.We’ve had a few discussions about this but in the end, I can’t tell her how to parent.

Like I said, I love the mom. And honestly she is right there in the top 5 people who I totally and completely trust with my kids. She absolutely loves kids and kids love her.

I’m not perfect. I just gave Gavin an animal cracker so I could finishing writing this. I just don’t like Luke to have a friend like that.

We all went to the park today and ate lunch together. Today was a good day but because Ryan stopped letting Luke up the stairs of the play set we decided to leave. Luke wanted to play with Ryan when we got home but I told them they needed a break from each other.

Really, I probably needed the break. 🙂




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