Maybe I could wear it next time I go sailing

Today is Friday. There’s really no TGIFness when you are a SAHM. It’s pretty much all the same and especially since I have class on Saturdays.  But only two classes left for Saturday and goodbye microeconomics. Let’s hope I pass. My professor says I have nothing to worry about but I really wanted an A. At this point though, let’s just get a passing grade for the transcripts, OK? Statistics is going well, I’m for sure getting an A in that. Can you believe that? Me! Getting an A in stats.I’ll do a jig after final grades are entered.

I found this dress this week and I really love it. I wish I had somewhere to wear it to.

But I’ve never even been sailing. I still love it though.

I made this last week for dinner and it was deliciouso!

Picture courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

It was in my google reader one day and wouldn’t you know it? I had all the ingredients. Very big hit and it’s on the rotation for next week too.

Internship interview on Monday. Cross everything if you could please.

I’m all set for next fall and I’m super excited for my classes. Three of them are all geared towards my major and they are really good. The fourth class is also geared towards my major but I’m not really looking forward to it as there will probably be formulas. Blech. I’m almost done, peeps. When I think about this time next year? Eeeek!

Last week there was a few mile stones around here. One night we had hotdogs on the grill and I always just cut Luke’s hotdog up without thinking but some for reason I found myself asking him if he would like his hotdog on a bun and without thinking he said yes.

And then my little boy ate his hotdog on a bun. With ketchup. No pickle.

Never pickle.

He also went on an Easter egg hunt with the neighbors. Totally impromptu, they were short a child out of the their 4 and felt lonely…maybe? I mean, why not? Ha. So he went.

It’s no secret Gavin turned one. One. My goodness.

I am going to a girls dinner this weekend. I’m excited about that. The best part is that I get to be with my best girls but also there’s other girls there. Girls I know through other girls and it’s just a big mixture of girls and food and wine and conversation and laughter. I love it.

Happy weekend!!!

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