The Interview

In my interview the recruiter went on and on about how I should market myself based on my history and experience in lean processes. All the quality and problem solving skills are wonderful and while manufacturing introduced lean processes 10 or so years ago, it’s just now working its way into other types of organizations, health care being one of them.

Would I be interested in that? She asked me. If they can’t fit me in to a human resource internship, she might be able to give me an internship in their new department that was just put together to focus on lean implementation.

Can’t fit me in? Isn’t that what I’m here for? Doesn’t it say that somewhere on your piece of paper?

Why is there still (as of right before this post started) an ad on a website saying you have openings for HR interns for the entire summer?


I asked a few questions after she brought that to my attention and I’m not opposed to using those skills or even enhancing those skills, however, that’s not what my degree is going to be in.

And then I also had a few dumb moments when I couldn’t get my words together the way I wanted to. I’m sure I sounded dumber to myself but still. Hate that.

After meeting with her she told me to have a seat and went in the conference room to meet with the two HR ladies who were in charge of these interviews (they were doing a lot of internship interviews at once for all areas).

As she was coming out she told me to go in so I did and she left. These two ladies did not bring up a lean internship but did say that they would really like me in their employment department but they were full until mid summer.

HOW ARE YOU FULL and still doing interviews???

They asked if my start date could be flexible and could I do my hours full-time for the last half of summer instead of the first half of summer.

I said I was available all summer and it was not an issue for me, however! Everything is due by July 20th for my class including my hours. They asked me to contact my professor and ask if it was flexible.

I did that.

I emailed all the DETAILS to her and she responds:

Stacy, will you not get your 200 hours in by the date stated?

First of all, she spelled my name wrong so that’s annoying but secondly, I clearly stated that in the email! Can’t she just say yes I can or no I can’t?

I’m feeling discouraged right in this very moment as I type this.

I told Rob last night how I hate how everyone always goes back to my experience in manufacturing/automotive and he asked me why I do that?

“Do what?’

“Lock those skills up in a closet like you are ashamed of them?”


I just. I’m just trying to do something different and no one will let me!

And then it’s like I go to this interview and they don’t have room for me.

I want to cry.

After the HR ladies asked me about my flexibility they did say that if the professor wasn’t flexible that they would work something out but they weren’t sure if they had enough stations/laptops, that maybe they did have an extra laptop.

That’s exactly what I don’t want. To be floating aimlessly around all summer not sure of what I’m doing or being the extra person.

And I really wish people on FB would stop sending me game requests. STOP SENDING ME GAME REQUESTS. (I’ve gotten 4 as I type this)

Yeah, this is all woe is me and I didn’t initially feel that way until I got that stupid response from my professor but it’s just made me question what the fuck am I even doing? Or trying to do?



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  1. Michelle S.

     /  April 17, 2012

    Hang in there! Good things will come. You are skilled and talented. From previous work experience and you are prepared for future experiences. You can do it. You’ve worked very hard for this. Stay focused on the positive and take into consideration what they are suggesting with lean, but in the end it is your goal and your career path.

  2. Michelle S.

     /  April 19, 2012

    Congrats on the internship! Proud of you.


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