I’ll quit crying now and oh, I went to a garage sale

Yesterday I got a phone call and an official offer for the internship. They have room for me to start in June instead of July! My professor finally responded that we would work something out however I could tell she wasn’t thrilled and I think it’s because the summer semester ends in the beginning of August so I didn’t know how that would work for grades. When I emailed her with this offer, I could tell she was happier to work with my final project coming in only a week later then the due date and not a whole month or more.

I’m excited. It will be nice to have all of May and some of June off and then have all of August off too, so it’s really a win win. I can stop whining about how everything sucks now.

So yesterday my neighbor informed me of a huge neighborhood garage sale going on nearby and asked if I wanted to go. Her husband watched the older boys so it was just her and I with the G man.

While I love to thrift and hit up the garage sales sometimes I’m skeptical because it is so hit and miss. Today was a hit though.

-I found a  cross body purse from Old Navy that I’ve wanted for a while. I wanted one for times when we do stuff and I don’t want to “carry” my purse, like the zoo, or the park. I can fit one or two diapers in there with snacks and I don’t have to bring the big old diaper bag. And I love the color/design! $2.00

-a brand new JanSport backpack for Luke. He loves his backpack but it’s really getting too small for him and it’s a little beat up. I also know that while there is a lot of cuter boyish back packs out there, they are too small and do not fit the homework folder he’ll need in the fall. Both my neighbor moms found this out the hard way.  $1.00

-a ceramic moose food platter. This is for my aunt. I could not resist. She lives in a log cabin house on a lake and she’s a big fan of bears and moose. $3.00

-Nike shoes for Gavin. He’s getting close to growing out of his 5’s and these are a 6 and in great condition! $4.00

-a scooter for Luke. $4.00

-a high back car seat for Luke. $9.00 (Ahem, I just finally moved Gavin out of the infant car seat which I think he had technically been too big for for two months and now that’s he’s in the bigger car seat he looks extremely tiny. For the record, he is not tiny)

-a set of toy dinosaurs. $1.00

-2 pairs of Old Navy jeans for Gavin, size 18 months. $4.00 (I’m quickly realizing that jeans are not going to work out when it comes to handmedowns and boys)

After the 3 hour garage sale marathon (yes, it was a large neighborhood) we came home and I was excited to see my Bear because he had gone to a baseball game with the neighbors last night and stayed the night over there. My heart was sore when I woke up this morning. He came in and I made him lunch while Gavin napped and we chatted.

“Did you sleep good last night, momma?” (I love this kid)

“Yes, but momma missed her bear!”

“I slept good too momma but I missed my momma bear.”

I die.

Just as I finally got Luke fed and happily watching a show, I settled down to study. And Gavin wakes up. This is when I notice Luke had fallen asleep.

I could tell he was tired when he was eating lunch so I was not surprised.

Now it was time to feed Gavin lunch. So he ate cooked carrots while I talked to him (singing, rapping and dropping down a heavy beat) and cleaned up the kitchen and then after he finished eating we played that game where I hide behind corners and scare him.

He thinks that’s hilarious.

It makes me realize how old I am. The knees!

Soon Gavin is sleepy again so I lay him down and sit down to try and study again and Luke wakes up.

Now they are both up.

Exam is on Saturday.

The last exam is on Wednesday.

I cannot wait.

And in the 19 minutes I’ve been writing this post Gavin has gotten trapped on the stairs 3 times and I had to get up and help him. He climbs up two steps and doesn’t know how to get back down so he screams until I save him.

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  1. Sass

     /  April 24, 2012

    Better than my kid who tries to climb the stairs and then falls backwards. What’s that? A baby gate would help? Never heard of one.


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