I love a good deal and poop in the toilet

I can honestly say without being scared of it changing that we have really turned the corner with potty training. There might still be an accident here and there but the child is no longer afraid of pooping on the toilet which is HUGE. HUGE, I say. He actually says, “Mom, I have to poop, can you help me?” So I do even though it smells really bad but I’d rather do that than clean poopy underwear.

I forgot to mention in all my interview whinyness that there was a hole in my shirt that day. Here’s the thing. When I bought my suit a few years ago I bought a shirt to go under it. The suit is black with very faint blue pinstripes so I bought a blue shirt to match it. I have seriously worn this shirt like 3 times. I tried it on the night before the interview that was supposed to happen in March and I didn’t notice a thing. When I was getting dressed for the interview on the real interview day I noticed these small pin sized holes all over by the boobs. Well, not all over but like 3 of them. GREAT! Luckily the suit coat covered that up and was not an issue but I planned on wearing that as one of my “outfits” during this internship minus the coat as it will be summer. There goes that outfit.

So I got an email from the business with a list of what is acceptable to wear and what is not. It says nothing sleeveless however, I already own 2 cute blouses that have like cap ruffled sleeves but not a full sleeve that goes under the armpit. Make sense? So, is that acceptable? If not that puts me down like…2 of the shirts out of 5 that I have that match the pants I own and HELLO clothing debacle!

I also don’t really own any dress belts so I went thrifting and I found FOUR for a dollar each. And they are cute. One is not for work but I could not resist.

While thrifting I also found 3 very cute shirts. Two from Banana Republic and one from JCrew. Yes, I tend to be a label whore when I thrift. The best part is that 2 of the shirts match these greyish/brown pair of pants I own that I’ve never had anything to wear with since I bought them. Normally I would not choose a pair of pants that are not a for sure color but it was buy one get one half off (when I bought my suit) and of course they had nothing else in my size but the greyish brown pair that I now love because I can wear them with something.

I also picked up a pair of casual khaki’s from The Limited which is not what I was there for but hey, a deal is a deal.

Instead of feeling guilty about this little spree I was on, I decided to embrace it and make myself a haircut appointment for tomorrow as well. Hey, go big or go home, right?

After the thrift store I had some time so I hit the mall to check out Banana Republic hoping for a miracle in their clearance department and what do you know? The exact color/style pants I was hoping for 24.99.

I love miracles.

Did I mention I have to dress up, “dress for success” as my professor calls it for class next week? I don’t know why but that annoys me.

I think everyday before my class I will take a picture and tweet how dressed for success I actually am while simultaneously doing a karate kick.

I hear everyone is pissed at wordpress. That’s only one of the reason’s I love twitter.

I must go study for statistics now. Exam tomorrow and then it’s over!



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  1. Good luck on your stats test!
    I am looking forward to the karate kick photos.
    I think the cap sleeve shirts sound fine.
    Good job on using the bathroom, L!


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