I love me a club sandwich

With the semester coming to an end, I’m going to have 4 months of no studying. This makes me so happy but also what will I do now? Next week I have to meet for 3 days in a row for my intern class but that’s it and then I’m free until June 18 and even then no studying will be required.

My newest project is Spring cleaning. I do not understand how we accumulate so much stuff. Last week I managed to clean out both bathroom cabinets/linen closets. Does anyone need a whole bag of mesh panties? They are so sexy how could you pass them up?

Yesterday I cleaned out both dressers. No more 2T and some 3T for Luke. Tear.

No more 9 month and some 12 month for Gavin. TEAR!

Then there’s the baby stuff. Do I get rid of it or not? The bumbo, the infant car seat with 2 bases, the jumperoo, a bouncy, all the clothes….I am unsure about Third Baby.

Our next project is the storage room/laundry room.

It seems that things are getting organized underneath the surface but my house is pretty gross ON THE SURFACE. I feel like I’ve been spot cleaning for the last two weeks and what I really need to is a deep surface cleaning.

That is this weekend.

This post is boring.

Yesterday I went to some garage sales but we took Luke and Ryan this time.

I have never been so proud of Luke in all of  his life. I don’t think I really knew how obedient he was until yesterday. That sounds like he’s a dog.

Luke wanted to hold my hand as we walked from house to house and that really pissed Ryan off. When we walked up to the house Ryan would run straight for the toys (understandable) but so were other kids and he would push them and when Luke went to check out a different toy Ryan would yell at him and push him. I was so embarrassed. His mom was not. I don’t understand how she could not be embarrassed. She just kept right on shopping. I decided then that Luke just needed to stay by me and he did. HE DID. And the interesting thing about Luke is he would ask me first before he could look at a toy. I’ve never told him he had to do that but that’s just what he does and in that moment, I was so proud of him for that.

At this one house the mom who was having it had her son out there with her. We were the only people there and Ryan was bossing Luke around and the child said to his mom, “That boy is bossy, Mom.” I’m sure if I heard it, so did Ryan’s mom.

We took the boys to lunch after the sales. We went to a place that isn’t a fast food restaurant but not a fancy chain. It’s like a little family/old people grill place. We got a booth. I ordered the club sandwich because YUM CLUB SANDWICH and you know how they put toothpicks in club sandwiches? I took my first toothpick out and ate my first section. Ryan somehow noticed my toothpick and kept repeating toothpick. Toothpick. Toothpick. Toothpick.TOOTHPICK.

(He does that all the time and it drives me insane, he’ll just repeat what he wants until he gets it: snack snack snack snack snack snack SNACK)

Then he climbs half on the table reaches over and attempts to take the toothpick out of the other part of my sandwich.

Do you ever have those moments where your reaction is too fast for you to think? Like one time Luke bit me HARD and I didn’t know it was coming and I almost threw him across the room. I DID NOT THROW HIM ACROSS THE ROOM. But before I knew it I had pushed him away sort of hard but 2 seconds later when I realized what happened I pulled him back into me with hugs and love but HOLY HELL THAT BITE HURT!

So as Ryan is ripping the toothpick toothpick toothpick out of my sandwich I pushed him away. I think it was actually a reaction to his hands touching my sandwich because that creeps me out but then I felt bad for pushing him away.

Sort of.

I felt like Joey on Friends when his date tries to eat some of his fries. ORDER YOUR OWN CLUB SANDWICH WITH TOOTHPICKS, RYAN.

And then Ryan behaved perfectly the rest of our time at the restaurant.


Nope, instead he proceeded to pour salt all over Luke’s burger before I could notice (my face was in the club sandwich, people)

I feel the need to add, because I always feel the need to add something! That I do not expect 3 and 4 year old children to behave perfectly in a restaurant or anywhere for that matter but when Luke did something he shouldn’t, I told him and he listened. I JUST EXPECT THEM TO LISTEN. And Luke knows there are consequences if he doesn’t. Luke had some loud moments and I reminded him of the people behind us. He also tried to go under the table a few times and ah, no we (and mostly I mean Rob) does not allow that. Rob is really good at follow through and I’ve never heard Rob really say this specifically but table manners and restaurant manners are very high on his list of we do not mess around.

This is not a my kid is perfect post, but I was damn proud of him yesterday and I want to remember this when he’s pushing Gavin down a flight of stairs in a clothes basket.

It’s going to happen, people. It runs in my family.


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  1. That kid sounds like an absolute nightmare. I would be so embarassed if he was mine. Does she ever pull him aside and tell him that his behavior is not okay? wow.

    • Stacey

       /  April 26, 2012

      Pull him aside? No. Threaten him until the cows come home? Yes.

      • Anonymous

         /  April 26, 2012

        but never follows through on said threats.

  2. don’t get rid of the carseat unless you want a 3rd child! HA! that’s what happened to me!! I had sold the darn thing 2 months prior to finding out I was pregnant. Luckily, that was the only thing I had sold!

    Maybe Luke will rub off on the other kid! No reason you shouldn’t be proud of your little guy for being well-behaved.


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