Old Lady Intern

The packet of information and the 3 emails we exchanged said to arrive to class “dressed for success” but it did not say to dress for an interview which to me are two different things.

I didn’t really want to wear my suit on the first day of class because sometimes I have the “I feel dumb” syndrome and I don’t like to feel dumb. I was already nervous as I was sure I’d be the old lady intern.

I decided to wear black pants, black heels, a dressy material but plainish bright colored shirt under a black cardigan for safety. I was also unsure about my hair so I went with a loose bun. I would’ve worn it down but I need a haircut bad and that’s scheduled for this Wednesday.

I went to the third floor to get to the classroom and suddenly I’m blasted by a drowned (it was raining this day) frazzled woman with an accent who had come blasting around the corner, “Are you here for internship class?” (Try to imagine a German accent, okay? And I’ll do my best to type how she sounded) All I can make out is internship class so I nod. “Well, there note on door say to bring project to room 220!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I not know, come with me!!!” All those exclamations are to prove to you how she was really EXCLAIMING this!

I’m not so sure about going with this person. So I ask her, “There’s a note?” She nods FRANTICALLY while simultaneously pushing the down button on the elevator. I look at her confused because I’m pretty sure no where in that packet did it say we had a project due on the first day. “Well, I’ll go check it and meet you down there, okay?”

This appeases her and she’s off!

I continue on the to the classroom and there is indeed a note that says that so I head down there.

It turns out the note is for a different class and I find this out as I meet the professor coming down the hall with frantic girl. I find out soon her name is Rosemary.

I’ve decided to use her real name in the post as to protect no one.

Rosemary and I are the first two there. She sits across from me and is whispering to me with her accent and I have no idea what she saying to me. After saying what twice and I still don’t understand her I decide to nod and say yes.

This is when I realize she is asking me if I’m going into fashion (as I find out the rest of the 7 girls are all going into fashion or interior design except me) and that if I’m going into fashion I should come work where she works because they could really use someone like me.

And I just nodded yes to her.

And she works in the fashion department at a grocery store.

I can’t help if my brain was working in slow motion when it came to interpreting what she was saying.

As I suspected watching the rest of the girls stroll in, I am indeed the oldest one or at least a close second to my new best friend, Rosemary.

The professor catches on right away to Rosemary’s ability to chat and when Rosemary starts talking to her and proceeds to question her about something the professor says, “To answer your question, yes, but I can’t talk to you anymore as I am busy doing something.”

Damn her and her good excuses.

Right at 9:00 am on the DOT the professor begins talking even speedier than Rosemary and says things like, “This is a three day class and we need to zip zip zip right through it, here go! Jane you’re up first, come up here! Tell us about yourself and then we will ACCESS THE DRESS!”

She tells us stuff. I like her. She has cute hair. Jane’s outfit is very cute but no, not for an interview so we are all trying to be nice but the professor keeps DEMANDING us to say what is wrong with her outfit. The issue was she had a jean jacket on over a dress and when she removed it, it was sleeveless so I she needed to cover those arms, per the professor. Then the professor demanded AGAIN that we say whether she should get full points for the dress up part and most of us didn’t speak, only shook our heads no because we were afraid for our lives.

After this most of the girls knew what was wrong with their outfit and would say it when they got up there and the rest of us would say stuff like, “Cute shoes!” or “I like your shirt!”

But then poor Rosemary. The prof came right out and said, “You need to run a brush through your hair and your clip to hold it back is too big. You also need a jacket.”

My outfit passed but I was told my bun needed to be tighter. This wasn’t by the professor but by another student.

There was also one other girl who had hair issues.

The rest of the class was indeed zip zip ZIP!

The first day I felt awkward with the younger girls around me, and I mean like 20 years old. And all these girls knew each other because they were in all their classes together for the fashion and design program however, day two was different. They were talking to me and asking me questions and I was asking them questions. On day two the professor left a note saying she would be late and with instructions on what we should do but instead we all talked about how crazy “access the dress” was and that’s when I realized the girl sitting next to me wasn’t as young as the other girls and she was married with a 4-year-old son so we talked about our kids.

On day two I also got two compliments on my outfit which I was feeling good about because I was totally rocking it with these young girls working in fashion. WHAT WHAT! hahaha.

Also, Rosemary wore the same thing on day two but included a jacket and her hair more well-kept but even then the professor said something about her hair. I made sure to tell her the hair was an improvement because by this point we went way back since we had spent most of day one together reviewing each others resumes.

On day three, I was hit! Two of the younger girls started out saying something to me with my name first AND complimenting me on my watch and my outfit. And then asking me all sorts of curious questions about my kids and asking to see pictures. They wanted me to come into their stores and bring my kids!

I AM SO COOL WITH THE YOUNG KIDS YOU GUYS! Which is good because I know I’ll be working side by side with some other interns (I think there will be 3 interns total in my department at my internship this summer) who I will assume will be younger than me so I’m hoping they will think I’m cool too.

I realize I sound like a total dork but I don’t care.

We assessed the dress for the third day in a row but by this time we were all used to it but it killed me every time the professor would announce it! I think Rob was more offended that we actually did this class than I was.

The biggest topic on the third day was how to handle work place frustrations with coworkers. It was disturbing that my professor kept using that cat noise that people make to explain how it can be when girls get upset and then they put up their hand to demonstrate a paw…you know what I’m talking about? I think you do. She did this very loud and the first time she did it she scared 3 of the girls at our table including myself and then we all lost it with laughter. And then every time after that, we laughed again. Her cat calls were very loud and she didn’t just use one paw, she used two.

At the end of class on the third day I walked out waving goodbye to the other girls, “Maybe I’ll see you guys in your stores!”

Rosemary was leaving the same time as me (Let’s end it the same way we start it, I suppose) and she talked to me all the way to the parking garage. I’m not so sure about what because I still found her hard to understand but I nodded yes anyway.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  May 6, 2012

    I beleive you mean “assess the dress”, access the dress sounds like a motto for prom night.

    • Stacey

       /  May 7, 2012

      That’s got to be my best grammar mistake yet! hahaha. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

     /  May 7, 2012

    i like your school stories. You ARE a young girl!

  3. Access the dress! Wow. I’ve never heard of doing that in class. That is pretty funny! 🙂

  4. There are fashion departments in grocery stores? LOL!


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