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Run Away

According to what a few people have said to me: I inspired them to start running. That makes me feel really good that I did that. Recently when I attended a girls dinner one of the girls made a comment something like, “Well, you’re such a runner and always doing that running thing.”

Um….I am? I mean, yes, I am!

No, I’m not.

I’ve been out a few times this year and I was proud that I could pretty easily run 3 miles without dying but it’s really hard to run with the two kids. Walking? No problem, in fact, just because I’m not running does not mean I’m not always going for walks or hikes and I always get outside and keep moving with my boys in tow because I want them to love being outside and I want them to love physical activity. Luke loves to go “exploring” in the hiking trails and I really enjoy doing it with him. He asks me a lot of questions and it’s our time to talk without distractions. And can I just say how he rode his bike to the park (a little less than one mile) and around the lake at the park (1 mile) and he would have ridden it home but our neighbor met us there and he wanted to ride home with them to go in the sprinkler. I think that’s pretty awesome for an almost 4-year-old.

But this last Saturday was a big deal here in West Michigan because there was a big race. Face!book was blowing up with returning runners, first time (race) runners…and I was SO JEALOUS. I ran the 10k in that race in 2009 and I want to run the half marathon (just for the record I just typed marothong, hehehe) so badly.

Now that Luke is getting good on his bike and go longer distances maybe I see me running along side him biking in the near future.

I want it back. I want it back more than a few times a month.

Signing up for a race could make that happen.

Mothman Prophecies

I think we have a moth problem, you guys, and I’m totally grossed out by this. I keep seeing these tiny brown moths flying out of closet every so often and then the other night when I was lying in bed, I killed 3 of them within an hour. After a little research online, I think I have a plan to get rid of them but I keep wondering if they are the culprits for the hole in my shirt that goes under my suit.

Luke’s been asking everyday if he’s going to grandma’s (he hasn’t been going since my internship class ended) so tomorrow both boys are spending the day with Grandma and I’m going to tackle the moth problem and pray it works.

I’m also going to declutter and make a trip to Goodwill.

I plan on wearing a bandana on my head while I do all this cleaning for dramatic purposes only.

Shoot, I don’t think I have a bandana.


Luke is currently helping Rob with a project that involves an allen wrench that Luke keeps calling an ankle wrench.

He is so awesomely entertaining that way.

Sun Kissed

I felt my first sunburn of the season the other day and it was just enough to feel it but not want to die from it and I can’t wait for the first real beach day, if you wanted to know it might be this Saturday since it’s supposed to be 85 and humid. Gavin was at the beach once last summer when he was maybe 2 months old but I can’t wait to experience his first beach visit where he’s not asleep the whole time.

What I’m thinking about

I miss having something to do. Like homework or studying.

It’s like I’m bored but I’m not. It’s the strangest feeling. I actually feel more busy and I rarely open my computer since I’m not on it for school. The other day I couldn’t remember where it was for a second, and that is extremely odd for me.

I’m nervous about my internship. I’m nervous I’ll be bored or to the other extreme that THEY WILL TOTALLY FORGET ABOUT ME. I feel this way because I’m not starting until June 18 and everyone else started May 14. I don’t know if there’s a new group starting when I do, or just me. I have no idea about anything and that’s probably what’s making me nervous but I really just try not to think about it. If they forget about me, they forget!


My goal was to read at least 4 books between the end of the school and the beginning of my internship and I cannot do it. the first book I started was great in the beginning and I don’t know what happened but it lost its spark, or I set it down for too long but then it was eh. I started a second book and I couldn’t relate so that’s going back. SO THEN I started a third book that I accidentally got with the GIANT TEXT and it bugs me. I think I’m going to force myself to finish the first book because I feel invested in the characters. The third book setting is in the summer at the beach which is one of my favorite books to read so I think I need to pick it up again and give it a fair chance. I hope I can renew it because I just got my courtesy email from the library that nicely reads: hurry the eff up and return your book on time.


This post is boring.

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  1. 1) Now I have Aerosmith’s Janie’s Got a Gun stuck in my head due to your first heading: Run Away 😛
    2) Big text would annoy me with books
    3) Happy first beach day!


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