I have too much to say all the time.

There is never a moment when I don’t have anything to say.

There are definitely moments when I SHOULDN’T say anything, but I don’t see those moments until they are a memory.

I can never gather it all together in my head at one time to put it out here without rushing. Gavin is napping now and at any moment I’ll hope he’ll wake up so can feed him lunch.

-The photo shoot went well this weekend. They were really fun and up for anything which I love. It wasn’t hard to get them to do what I wanted. Even though we did the pictures early to avoid a lot of sun, it was still there and it’s really there in one of my very favorite photos. These are the things I’m still learning. Or that I know and forget. It was also my very first photo shoot with zero kids involved. I’m used to taking like 600 photos with maybe 100 give or take that are good but in this shoot I took 360 and I think about 300 of them are good. Some are great, some are just good, some are TOO SUNNY. And that they paid me $50 more than they needed to makes me feel like they need to be better. When the session was over he handed me the folded up bills and of course I didn’t count them! Who does that? It wasn’t until I was home and even after I few hours when I pulled it out and I was like, uh….this is too much. I texted him to ask if he knew he did that and he said, “Yes, we wanted to.” Does that mean he wanted to….put some towards their wedding picture price? Because I’m still thinking it’s a mistake at this point. He said, “No, it’s for you. Thank you so much for driving all that way to take them.”

Wow. Very nice of them.

Now, I hope they like them!

Gavin’s up. He needs his lunch!



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  1. Michelle S.

     /  June 6, 2012



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